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Epik Solutions US Staffing and Recruitment Agency in United States. At Epikso Staffing Solutions, we understand the difficulties involved with finding good employees.


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What is US Staffing?:

What is US Staffing? US Staffing relates to the selection, development, requirement , training and compensation of the managerial personnel.US Staffing is the basic functions that constitute the management process . US staffing industry which brings together HR department of the clients. Like, all other managerial functions, is the duty performed by management at all times.

Organization Structure:

Organization Structure CEO Manager Recruiting Lead Sales Lead


STAFFING SERVICES Training and Placement for the consultants in United States. Consulting services for IT clients and consultants. Fulfilling the job requirements on all technologies. Finding relevant jobs opportunity for the consultants.


PROCESS Client Requirements Bench sales or marketing Business deals with clients


RECRUITING Generate requirements from their clients. Requirement is sent to Recruiting lead or Sales lead. Prepare their resumes and forward to sales team. Team of recruiting or sales lead source the resumes for the recruiting. Decide the payment and do the preliminary other paper work. Make sure both you and candidate are comfortable with requirement. Close the best deals.

Contact Us:

Contact Us www.epikso.com

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