Benefits of using MEAN Stack (developing apps)

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Benefits of using MEAN Stack developing apps Introduction The word MEAN Stack is a set collection of JavaScript based technologies used to produce web applications. MEAN is definitely an acronym for MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS and Node.js. MongoDB is really a schemaless NoSQL database system. Data is saved in binary JSON format which makes it easier to pass data between client and server. Express is light weight framework used to create web applications in Node. It provides several robust features for building single and multi page web application. Express is inspired by the favorite Ruby framework Sinatra. AngularJS is really a JavaScript framework produced by Google. It provides some awesome features just like the two-way data binding. Its an awesome complete solution for rapid front end development. Node.js is really a server side JavaScript execution environment. Its a platform which is built on Google Chromes V8 JavaScript runtime. It can help in building highly scalable and concurrent applications rapidly. Benefits Switching between client and server easier Developing apps using MEAN is straightforward and fast because developers are allowed to publish code only in a single language i.e JavaScript for both client and server side. A JavaScript specialist can manage the whole project with the aid of MEAN Stack formula. With Node.js a developer can deploy the applications on the server directly without the necessity of deploying it to a stand-alone server. Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEAN

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Transferring the code to some other framework that is written in a single particular framework is manufactured easier with the aid of MEAN stack. Highly Flexible MEAN lets you test software on cloud platform easily after successful completion of a development process. Applications are easily developed tested and introduced in the cloud. In addition it lets you add extra information simply by adding the field to your form. MongoDB created specifically for the cloud provides full cluster support and automatic replication. MEAN uses JSON JavaScript Object Notation JSON is used in both NodeJS and AngularJS. And MongoDB is an element based relational database that gives users to truly save documents in JSON format. But its limited for just small to intermediate level companies. Mostly developers choose MEAN stack at various stages of applications and web development. Economical Developers whore proficient at JavaScript can develop apps with MEAN stack whereas LAMP stack requires developers whore expert in MySQL JavaScript and PHP. As less number of developers are required to produce apps using MEAN stack High Speed and Reusability Node.js is speedy and ascendable due to the non-blocking architecture. Angular.js is definitely an open source JavaScript framework that gives maintenance testability and reusability. Powerful directives of the framework progress into great testability and domain specific language. Open Source and Cloud Compatible Most of the MEAN stack technologies are open source and available for free. It can help the development process using libraries and public repositories and reduces the development cost. MongoDB really helps to deploy cloud functionalities within the app by reducing the space cost. Conclusion MEAN stack is fast developing easy to learn and easy to mix around. Any technology obtainable in Stack can be utilized easily in integration with another with respect to the requirement. However it is surely a new leading edge technology and innovation that may possibly rule the market shortly. For more details about Meanstack online course CLICK HERE Contact us for more details +919989971070 or visit us

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