Induction Fixtures & Retrofits for Longer Life and

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By using induction fixtures, you can save up to 60 to 70% of the energy, resulting in saving in your energy bills. In addition, you can contribute to making a cleaner and eco friendly environment.


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Induction Fixtures & Retrofits for Longer Life and Performance :

Induction Fixtures & Retrofits for Longer Life and Performance Induction lighting is amongst the leading & tested technology for energy efficient performance. Since the developments are occurring at fast pace, due to which lighting industry has to adopt induction equipments. Time before people were less aware about the benefits & advantages of the induction equipments but now industrial, commercial and municipality are advocating use of these lights.

Induction Retrofits:

Induction Retrofits When you are going to buy induction retrofits , you must make sure that it fits into your budget, as there are many high-end options are also available in the market. These lights require very low maintenance costs as compared to other lighting fixtures. You can use these lights for increasing the aesthetic value of your place. You have to make sure those induction fixtures matches well with the décor of your place and that they complement the appeal of your place.

Parking Garage Lighting:

Parking Garage Lighting After getting induction fixtures at your place you need not worry about the life of the light and replacing it in the near future. They generally last 5-6 times longer as compared to the metal halide fixture lamps. These fixtures do not need time to warm up like metal halide fixtures, which means that light starts instantly. These Induction Fixtures also have dimming feature or motion detectors, by which you can save up to 50 percent energy when the fixture detects no motion. You can choose from a wide number of available underground garage lighting fixtures along with induction floodlights for outdoor level in parking garage lighting .

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