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#120 - In this episode, Travis speaks to successful entrepreneur Jeff Staple. Jeff is a both a successful business owner and a fashion icon, and has built his fashion business from the ground up. Today, he has established his brand worldwide and has collaborated with a number of well-known brands and large companies to create a brand that is highly recognized and coveted by the masses. Jeff and Travis talked about various concepts and shared ideas that would benefit entrepreneurs. Jeff gave his thoughts on how fame and notoriety is a by-product of your hard work. He also shared his pieces of advice in building a successful business, which is trusting your instincts, working hard and delivering on what you promised, and making sure you’re legally covered. These and so much more are what are in store in this episode of The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show.


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Advice for Growing A Thriving Brand:

Advice for Growing A Thriving Brand KEYS IN GROWING YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCESS Podcast available at for full interview with Jason Bolt

2 options in life, 2 choices:

2 options in life , 2 choices “You either get busy living or you get busy dying . That's it. There's no in the middle. ” (from the movie Shawshank Redemption )

2 options in life, 2 choices:

2 options in life , 2 choices There's no such thing as slowing down the business when you're have your own company. Once you put yourself in the neutral you go backwards. You have to constantly hustle, pedal, run, just so you maintain headspace.

2 kinds of business:

2 kinds of business Product typed business Service type business

Product-type business:

Product-type business You make the product the way you want it to be without a client involved

Service type business:

Service type business Y ou have to make a satisfied customer . You have to do it the customer’s way.

Keys to Success:

Keys to Success Always trust your instincts Basically, there's two scenarios that could happen out of the decision. One of that it goes right and one of that it goes wrong.

Keys to Success:

Keys to Success Always trust your instincts If you trust your instinct and it goes really right, well then, that’s good for you. When you trust your feelings and it goes wrong, at least you stood your ground and you did it 110% because it was the thing that you originally wanted to do

Keys to Success:

Keys to Success Learn Diligence and Accountability Doing your best and being a man of your word

Keys to Success:

Keys to Success Have someone to look over the legal sides. Have the right people looking at something like a contract or an agreement just to make sure you're not getting screwed or something's not being left out.

Keys to Success in business:

Keys to Success in business Learn DELEGATION You can literally suffocate your company by not delegating. 

Keys to Success in business:

Keys to Success in business Have MENTORS to oversee what's going on and help you grow the business Sit down with a group of people that are fighting the same battles that you are and they can give you their perspective.

Quote: Success in business:

Quote: Success in business " One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do even when you don't feel like doing it .“ Unknown

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