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#119 - In this episode, Travis talks to successful entrepreneur Jason Bolt. Jason is the founder of Society43. He started the company with help from a spark of inspiration.And through hard work and dedication has built a successful company that is still growing exponentially today. Jason’s own brand of sunglasses have provided sports fans quality products that not only appeal to their team spirit but also functional as well. Jason and Travis discussed his success story and how he was able to achieve his quick climb to success. His company’s mantra “Quality products for passionate fans” shows the goal and direction his company taking. For him customer experience is key to grow the business instead of just focusing on the marketing side. Jason also believes that at a certain point every business owner should step back and take a supervisory role and let the business run itself with help of the systems they’ve established. Jason and Travis shares so many valuable lessons that business people would definitely find useful in this episode of the Entrepreneur’s Radio Show.


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Using Ingenuity to fast track your business:

Using Ingenuity to fast track your business Valuable lessons to learn in growing your business Podcast available at for full interview with Jason Bolt

Where to find the best points of sale:

Where to find the best points of sale The single biggest advantage when selling a product is to have a hungry crowd . Because you're not creating demand, the demand's already there.

focusing on the end customer:

focusing on the end customer the user of the product is a customer watching how they interacted with the product

Get some product testing:

Get some product testing just taking samples of your product to the target people and handing them out to friends, and what they have to say to them.

Get constant feedbacks:

Get constant feedbacks getting constant feedback look for customers and really focusing on what gets them excited.

Focus on customer-experience :

Focus on customer-experience a lot of people focus on just marketing the product but not ultimately thinking about the customer.

Providing quality products:

Providing quality products Partnering keeps quality production work more manageable

the ability to manage time well :

the ability to manage time well take time to allow yourself to think big picture, and not just be in the day-to-day.

have a balance with the personal:

have a balance with the personal take time to step back and have a balance with the personal. Evolve who you are within the business and take stock of that.

shifting from working in the business to working on the business:

shifting from working in the business to working on the business working on the business means that you're looking out on the horizon, and you're planning, and you're focusing, and you're strategizing.

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