Why working hard is not working smart

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#116 - In this episode, Travis speaks to successful entrepreneur and highly rated speaker, author, and mentor Cameron Herold. Cameron’s philosophy of simplifying things and focusing on a single goal has transformed his businesses from a bootstrap to a multi-million dollar company that grew exponentially from a span of just a few years. Apart from the coaching sessions and lectures he has done all over the world, he has authored the best-selling book Double Double which has helped business owners achieve the growth and success of their business in just a short amount of time. Cameron and Travis share a wealth of knowledge and practical ideas that would certainly be valuable for entrepreneurs. Cameron teaches the value of learning from other successful entrepreneurs and find out what they did to become successful. Acknowledging that not knowing everything and learning every bit of information from the best people that you can learn from is something that Cameron also advocates. He also shares the key principles on how we was able to create a world-class environment in his companies such as aligning the goals and vision of all of your employees in your company; creating a real, world-class culture in order to attract the top employees; and leveraging free PR so that everyone will know who and what your company stands for. They also share the principle of working smart rather than working hard.


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Podcast available at TheEntrepreneursRadioShow.com for full interview with Cameron Herold   WHY WORKING HARD IS NOT WORKING SMART

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A lot of people are always looking for that silver bullet; they're looking for that magic pill; they're looking for the easy way out. Well there isn't an easy way out. What works is working smarter, not working hard.

how to achieve your goals:

how to achieve your goals Know the importance of honing your skill of stating the problem , creating the opportunity and visualizing the goal

how to achieve your goals:

how to achieve your goals people get on a diet of consuming books and they never stop but they never implement. true wisdom comes in the implementing . that's what people are missing

how to achieve your goals:

how to achieve your goals doing and making mistakes , and then correcting it is where the hyper learning occurs. it's also where the growth occurs.

momentum creates momentum:

momentum creates momentum So to get momentum you just have to start things and execute . Perfectionism and procrastination is what slows everything down.

key principles of a successful business:

leveraging vision and alignment of people, making sure that culture was fantastic, and leveraging the free press. key principles of a successful business

key principles of a successful business:

getting everyone completely aligned with the same vision so that everyone could see what the CEO could see key principles of a successful business

key principles of a successful business:

create a real great, world-class culture that attracts people to your company like a magnet. key principles of a successful business

Fact or Fiction? :

Fact or Fiction? “Hire for attitude, train for skill?” hire people that are both culturally fit and had the skill set to do their job .

hire people who have done it before:

hire people who have done it before The next part is making sure that all those people are aligned so that they're all pulling in that same direction.

hire motivated people:

hire motivated people When you hire motivated people you don't have to hold them accountable, they hold themselves accountable . 3 A-players can replace 7-8 regular players.

using the 80-20 principle:

using the 80-20 principle Think about what you want your clients to see and tell them they're going to see it.


Reflection: How focused are our people, how focused is our marketing, how focused are we with our time?


Reflection: What are your goals? What are the strategic initiatives or projects to make those goals come true ?


Reflection: You can have all these great goals and these great ideas. But if you don't actually start working on it it'll never happen.


Reflections: " Forget past mistakes, forget failures, forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it ." ~ William Durant

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