How being innovative and courageous will teach you to be a better


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#113 - In this episode, Travis interviews popular physician and successful entrepreneur Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer. Early in her career, Dr. Dyer sought out to improve the lives of her young patients through proper management and monitoring of their diabetes. Her revolutionary idea of utilizing social media and the Endogoddess app as a tool to reach out to her patients is something that entrepreneurs can definitely learn from and apply in their business. Dr. Dyer’s creative and resourceful methods are what stand out as she and Travis discuss how her practice effectively captured her patients. Her method of using reminders coupled with education and motivation can be applied in every entrepreneur’s business. She also effectively uses technology in her practice and points out that persistence and focus are vital in achieving success. She also tries to understand her patients and uses gamification to pique their interest. Entrepreneurs can definitely learn from Dr. Dyer’s methods and the topics they discussed in this episode of the Entrepreneur’s Radio Show.


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How Being Innovative And Courageous Will Lead Your Business To Success :

How Being Innovative And Courageous Will Lead Your Business To Success Transforming from a good to a better entrepreneur Podcast available at for full interview with Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer

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Essential ingredient of success is to be very adaptive and thirsty for learning

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How did Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer , an endocrinologist, use technology to change client behavior to help improve the health of her clients and grow her business?

Formula to getting receptive clients ::

Formula to getting receptive clients : Remind Educate Motivate Reward

3 Principles to motivate positive behaviors:

3 Principles to motivate positive behaviors texting as a reminder or alert education about that particular behavior motivation for that behavior

…to motivate positive behavior:

…to motivate positive behavior motivational interviewing : focusing on how to solve problems do some kind of incentive or reward program. Something that entices the user.

…to motivate positive behavior:

…to motivate positive behavior engage clients to gamification m ake it something much more of a desirable action for that person.

…to motivate positive behaviors:

…to motivate positive behaviors Using gamification Gamification - the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service (Oxford Dictionary)

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“Powerful things can happen when someone puts their mind and persistence to achieving a goal .” Jennifer Shine Dyer MD, MPH

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