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#111 - In this episode, Travis interviews John Jantsch. John is an entrepreneur and an author of marketing books that's aimed to in helping business owners succeed in their business through effective marketing and guidance. His company Duct Tape Marketing has consulted numerous businesses and allow them to reach their true potential. Travis and John spoke about various topics, all of them aimed at how to effectively use marketing and building relationships that would benefit your company long-term. John shares his ideas on chasing the right client and analyzing beforehand if your client is the right fit for you and share the same goals and objectives as your company does. He also emphasized on the importance of establishing a lead conversion system and track your metrics that would help translate to sales. He also gives his company's 7 stages in CRM and how it helps gain customers that would then lead to revenue. These and so much more are what you can expect from this episode of the Entrepreneur's Radio Show.


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HOW TO ATTRACT AND KEEP PROFITABLE CLIENTS Discover the kind of approach which always works Podcast available at for full interview with John Jantsch

Qualify your clients:

Be crystal clear on who your client is and who is not. Know how to get to those ideal clients Qualify your clients

STRATEGY before TACTICS What’s that?:

Understand pricing models within your business Set up campaigns that unfold over a period of time STRATEGY before TACTICS What’s that?

STRATEGY before TACTICS What’s that?:

Many relies on social media Others on advertising Maybe you do need them, maybe you don’t STRATEGY before TACTICS What’s that?

Are your customers profitable?:

Business owners find that there's a 20%-25% range of their work they shouldn't be doing anymore when they rank their customers by profitability Are your customers profitable?

Are your customers profitable?:

The customer is really profitable because they follow your system and you are very methodical about setting the right expectations. Are your customers profitable?

Are your customers profitable?:

It makes a lot easier to build your business, to build your products, your service offerings, your campaigns when you know that your customers are profitable Are your customers profitable?

Are your customers profitable?:

You now have legitimate reasons and sure makes decisions about where you should be Where you should advertise It makes things a lot easier when you know exactly who you're trying to talk to. Are your customers profitable?

Opportunity cost-higher cost:

When you're chasing or serving clients that aren't the right fit, that aren't profitable, you're making a decision about not serving somebody else, or at least not going after customers that might be the right fit. Opportunity cost-higher cost

How to get the trust of people in you and in what you do:

If you're putting a lot of information out there you're doing a lot of education. You're telling people, this is how we get results Y ou're showing them this is how we've gotten results for people, either in writing about it, recording videos, doing webinars, doing workshops How to get the trust of people in you and in what you do

How to get the trust of people in you and what you do:

You need to actually ensure that they're educated by creating an entire lead conversion, lead generation, lead conversion system that has those components as their core elements. How to get the trust of people in you and what you do

Making a business relationship:

Before, you had to build that personal relationship first and then people would start talking about what you could do for them in a business relationship. Now you have to be able to make the business case, whether it's stuff that they're reading about you, their friend they're sharing in their social networks about you. Making a business relationship

Struggle of Sales People:

I nstead of just being a relationship builder, you have to really think like a marketer and make this business case. And then we'll talk about whether or not I want to have some sort of personal relationship after that. Struggle of Sales People

What's changed in sales and marketing? :

Buying has changed in sales and marketing over the last few years And that's what's really dictating a lot of what we have to do now. What's changed in sales and marketing?

Looking for a better way?:

A sales and marketing process that involves marketing automation is probably a better way of really talking about what we need to do today. Looking for a better way?

Using an hourglass in business:

P uts a lot more emphasis on the customer experience after they become a customer You can actually create a better experience if you start with the end in mind. Using an hourglass in business

PowerPoint Presentation:

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