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#99 - In this episode, Travis speaks with brilliant psychologist and successful entrepreneur Dr. Sabrina Schleicher. Dr. Schleicher’s company Tap the Potential has been helping rural entrepreneurs reach their true potential through strategies and guidelines, and achieve growth in today’s competitive business environment. Travis and Dr. Sabrina give their take on strategies that business owners today could certainly benefit from when applied to their business. They share tips on how to hire people that would fit the position. Also, they teach the value of allowing your employees to do their work while giving them responsibility and freedom to make decisions along with your guidance and rules that you’ve established. Dr. Sabrina also advocates the 80/20 rule that would allow you to focus on the things that would enable your business to grow and progress quickly and efficiently. These and so much more are what you can expect to learn in this episode of The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show.


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Growing Your Business Through Great Employees:

Growing Your Business Through Great Employees Discover The Secrets Of World’s Most Successful Businesses with Travis Lane Jenkins and Dr. Sabrina Schleicher

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Most common problems of a business are employee-related. Employee problems are the biggest stumbling block for any business owner

Tips on hiring employees:

Tips on hiring employees In hiring someone, think in terms of the ideal customer or the ideal client that you're serving and what it is that you're delivering to them . Think about the role that you want that employee to fill for you. Think about what personality is going to be best suited to excel in that role.

Tips on hiring employees:

Tips on hiring employees D on't put somebody into a role where they're constantly drawing on their weaknesses T here's no amount of improvement that's going to be significant enough for you to be happy with their performance if they're operating primarily from their weaknesses.

Tips on hiring employees:

Tips on hiring employees K now your natural strengths that is, your wins and successes. L ook at what's going well in your business and where things are working, and become more intentional and deliberate about doing more of what works. H ire people to compensate for your weaknesses in the business.

Know your ideal employees:

Know your ideal employees Need to let go of employees that are not wanting to learn and improve Find you’re A-players in your group. A-players are the type that are resourceful and motivated Motivated to learn and grow

Know your ideal employees:

Know your ideal employees (more on A-players..) A-players have networks A-players tend to hang together Good quality people hang together in networks Tap on their networks

Know your ideal employees:

Know your ideal employees Know your best employees better and understand why they like working for you? What makes them tick, how they see their job? What are some of the intangible benefits that they perceive in working for you? Have that employee fill a position that fits them most

Tips on building a network of ideal employees:

Tips on building a network of ideal employees Let your best employees know the kind of person that you're looking for to fill the position Provide an employee referral incentive program Start building up that pipeline of potential employees for your business.


A, B, C & D PLAYERS A and B players are usually pretty good employees They are what is called ‘ superstars’ of the company They are highly productive folks. They become quickly annoyed and frustrated with people who underperform and who do just enough to get by A-players can do the work of 9-12 of C or D- players.


A, B, C & D PLAYERS C and D players see those A players as a threat to the status quo. So if you have a business full of C and D players, and you bring in an A player you can bet your C and D players are going to complain about that because that A player is rocking the boat. But that's a good thing.

How to ‘clean house’:

How to ‘clean house’ Start with the folks who are the naysayers, the whiners, the complainers. They do need to go because they are very damaging to the morale of a company. Have your company core values, what are the things that employees have violated? Replace them with people who a re a better fit, and better performers overall.

Setting up a compensation program:

Setting up a compensation program Not everybody gets a trophy Rock star employee gets more attention and more intangible perks T here is value in playing favorites with your employees It encourages other employees to step up.

What really matters:

What really matters One of the things that you got to start paying attention to is the question of, “What do really matters to your best clients?” T hat's for you and anybody who works for you D o your absolute best. But there's so much that doesn't matter and you've got to be able to let that stuff go. 

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