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The advanced English courses at the English Avenue are designed to help you connect with your clients and colleagues by communicating with them more effectively in the workplace and present the organization professionally and with confidence.


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Indian Education system is one of the most important topics for Group Discussion. There aremanysectorsinIndianeducationsystemonwhichaGDcanbeconductedbuttodaywe are going to discuss Present Education System in India is it perfect or we need to bring changes So le t’ s start the GD and conclude it. Indian education system is not totally controlled bycentral governmentitiscontrolled bythreedifferentorganizationi.e. central govt.stategovt.andsomeprivetsectororganization.

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English Avenue spoken English classes are committed to giving you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results. Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or whether you are a student Executive or Housewife we have the right English speaking course for you. Our spoken English classes in Bhubaneswar make you speak fluentlyinEnglishwithneutralaccentguaranteed.

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An English Speaker with good accent is likely to get hired in the first place and get more promotions than others. Theimageitbuilds in publicplaces makes you feel confidentand presentable. The main advantage of correct pronunciation skill is that it makes you feel confident and comfortable. It helps avoid saying ‘ so rr y can you repeat that’ sentences. And well honestly I would recommend even teachers to pursue this pronunciation skill.

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Public speaking skill is important to leadership. As a leader you need the skills to persuade others to form a team tobuild yourimageand togain a respectful position in an organization. For the success of an individual or the organization around and effective presentation skills are priceless. Thetraining bringsoutthe best in the candidate so that he has the best level of confidence fluency in speech dictionstyle. For more information visitourwebsitedetails: http://englishavenue.in/. Without command of the language can you propagate yourmessage with confidence and clarity to your staff partnersandclients.

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