Adv4 Un2 - The Simple Past Yes No and Wh- Questions

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The Simple Past: Yes/No and Wh- Questions:

The Simple Past: Yes/No and Wh - Questions An Accident 6 Focus on Grammar 2 Part VI, Unit 22 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.

What happened?:

Another skier called the paramedics. No, they didn’t. They had a flat tire. Ouch! Who called for help? So, how did you hurt yourself? Did the paramedics arrive quickly ? What happened? I wasn’t careful . I didn’t see the tree.

Yes/No Questions:

Was he careful? Did you see the sign? Yes/No Questions Use did + subject + base form for yes/no questions in the simple past, except for the verb be .

Practice 1:

Did they have fun? Was it heavy? Were you afraid? he/practice you/afraid they/have fun Practice 1 Did he practice? Use the words above the pictures to make yes/no questions in the past. it/heavy 1. 2. 3. Example:

Wh- Question Word Order:

Wh - Question Word Order When did the ambulance Where did the accident happen? Who did you arrive? call? Wh - Word Did Subject Base Form of Verb

Wh- Questions 1:

How did they ? Where did she ? falls fall Wh- Questions 1 meet met Most wh -questions in the past use a base form verb with did .

Practice 2:

Where did the accident happen ? Why did Ben and Lee fall? When did Hector have an accident? Practice 2 Make wh- questions for the colored parts of the answers. Example : The accident happened on the first floor . 1. Ali called the paramedics . 2. Hector had an accident yesterday . 3. Lee and Ben fell because they weren’t careful . Who did Ali call?

Wh- Questions 2:

Wh - Questions 2 Do not use did in wh- questions in the past when the question is about the subject. A vase fell on my head. Subject What fell on your head? Subject Do not use did in wh- questions in the past when the question is about the subject.

Be Careful!:

Be Careful! Do not use did in wh- questions with be . I was in the mountains. Be Verb Where were you? Be Verb Do not use did in wh- questions with be .

Short and Long Answers 1:

Short and Long Answers 1 Did it hurt? Yes, it did. It was very painful. We use short and long answers to yes/no questions .

Short and Long Answers 2:

Short and Long Answers 2 What did you do? Cried. I cried like a baby. We also use short and long answers to wh- questions .

Practice 3:

Practice 3 Ask and answer the questions below with a partner. Use short and long answers. How was your weekend? What did you do? Did you have fun? Where did you go? Did you do any homework? Who were you with?

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