Commercial Benefits of Installing Solar Energy Panels


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What Are The Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Panels?:

What Are The Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Panels?


Commercial solar panels can offer your business many significant benefits, especially if you own a company in the sun-drenched area. What are the benefits of having Commercial Solar Power? How can it help me and my business? How can it help my bottom line? Listed below are the good reasons of why you should have solar power for your company.


PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RISING ELECTRICITY PRICES A system that produces 75% of your organization's electricity will reduce your electric bill by 60%. Since electricity prices traditionally increase about 4-5% every year, you can stabilize your electricity bill and help your business guard against rising electricity costs by investing in a solar PV system.


GENEROUS REBATES AND INCENTIVES State commercial solar rebates and tax incentives offered by Government can offset the cost of your system by as much as 50%. Make sure your business is able to take advantage of these incentives before they expire.


REDUCE TAX LIABILITY Installing a solar system will increase the value of your property. However, many states have now exempted the value of solar systems from your property taxes.


ENJOY LITTLE MAINTENANCE Dirty panels may occasionally need to be rinsed off with plain water and shady tree branches may need trimming, but otherwise your solar panels require virtually no maintenance!


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