Importance of Commercial Solar Installation in Kansas City


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Installation of solar panels in commercial spaces cuts high energy costs and reduces the usage of electricity from utility provider. Read on to find more benefits. Visit


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Importance of Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings :

Importance of Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings


WHY SOLAR PANELS? Reduces and eliminates the amount of electricity purchased from utility provider. Cuts down increasing energy cost. Clean, renewable and reliable.


SOLAR PANELS FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES Commercial properties having greater than 5000 sq. feet can install solar panels. Solar panels provide up to 100% of electricity during the day. Since commercial properties are opened around 8:00 am and close around 6:00 pm, installing solar panels can provide almost all electricity needed.


LIST OF COMMERCIAL SPACES WITH SOLAR PANELS Retail Stores Distribution and Manufacturing Centers Office Buildings Shopping Malls Schools Hospitals Banks and more


FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE INSTALLATION The area where solar panel to be installed must be large enough and durable. Consider flat roof, sloping ground or flat ground. Find a reputable supplier of solar panels.


BENEFITS OF SOLAR PANELS FOR BUSINESSES Reduces carbon footprint. Effectively utilizes unused spaces. Low maintenance required. Generates maximum amount of power.


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