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High Octane Energy Chews by To Go Brands, Inc.!

Product : 

Product Explosive Energy, NO Crash High Octane Energy is a proprietary blend of: Caffeine the Amino Acids Taurine & Tyrosine B vitamins and Ginseng All to enhance performance, increase endurance and focus at a fraction of the cost of energy drinks or shots. All in a convenient, great tasting chew.

Product Comparison : 

Product Comparison High Octane Energy Retail $1.99 -$2.49 for THREE chews! 3 Convenient Chews per packet Caffeine per chew: 1 cup of coffee Full compliment of B vitamins, Amino Acids Taurine, & L-Tyrosine, Ginseng, Natural flavors/ colors No Preservatives No Crash, low sugar (3gr) 5 Hour Retail $2.99 Liquid Shot Caffeine per shot: 1 cup of coffee Full compliment of B vitamins, 4 amino acids Artificial flavors/colors Preservatives No Crash, no sugar Red Bull Retail $2.99 8 oz drink Caffeine per can: 1 cup of coffee Trace amounts B6 and B12. Taurine Artificial flavors and sweeteners High Sugar (27gr)

Target Market : 

Target Market Male: 66% 30% are 35 and older 70% are younger, primarily college students Extremely Active Budget Conscious Edgy Image Conscious (Don’t want to be seen drinking energy shots) Source: 2009

Consumer Ads : 

Consumer Ads Inked Magazine.  Inked Readers: Fashion influencers Art aficionados Cultural trendsetters Male- 60% Female- 40%

Radio : Clear Channel : 

Radio : Clear Channel Kick off in San Diego, CA and Providence, RI June/July/Aug Rock 105.3 with “The Show” DJ Ashlee! Rock 94 HJY with “Paul and Al Morning Show” DJ Kevin! National Radio Campaign: Phoenix Boston Miami Dallas Indianapolis Philadelphia Jacksonville,FL Richmond, VA

High Value Coupons : 

High Value Coupons Blasted out to over 2,000,000 consumers thru social media outlets, download at

Anthony Johnson : 

Anthony Johnson MMA Event November 21 in Las Vegas Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Josh Koscheck undercard event Mandalay Bay Hotel After party at Studio 54, MGM Grand Banners, posters, logos, product sampling, T-shirts “Tapout” party: Product Sampling Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Record: 8-2-0 Wins: 6 TKOs, 2 Decisions Stats: 6’ 2” 170 lbs

Other Support Plans : 

Other Support Plans Sampling - 300,000 to 500,000 samples USC Colligate Golf Event – 50 PAC 10 Universities Video Contest for Social Marketing Rock 105.3 Tony Hawk event UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 5/2010 Over 30,000 fans attended Upcoming Events 7/30 – Live at the Beach, Rock 105.3, San Diego 7/30 to 8/1 - Visionary in Asbury Park 7/31 - Back to School, Tempe Marketplace Fashion Show 8/3 - Campus Stop, Gateway & ASU, AZ 8/5 - Del Taco Fiesta Stop, College Times, Glendale, AZ 8/6 – Live at the Beach, Rock 105.3, San Diego 8/9 - Campus Stop, Glendale CC & Paradise Valley CC, AZ 8/10 - Scott Pilgrim Vs. Tempe Marketplace, World Movie Screening 8/12 - Del Taco Fiesta Stop, College Times, Phoenix, AZ 8/13 – Live at the Beach, Rock 105.3, San Diego 8/14 to 8/15 -  Caged Ink, Caesars, Las Vegas 8/15 - ASU Welcome Week Events: Sparky’s Summer Shakedown Night of 1000 Laughs 8/16 - Campus Stop, Mesa & Chandler Gilbert, AZ 8/19 - Del Taco Fiesta Stop, Mesa, AZ 8/19 - ASU Bookstore, First Day of Classes! event 8/19 - 9pm-11pm Pub Club, AZ 8/20 – Live at the Beach, Rock 105.3, San Diego 8/20 - ASU Bookstore, ASU Main, AZ 8/21 - Salt River Mardi Gras 8/21 - 7pm-9:30pm, Passport to ASU Welcome week event 8/23 - ASU Bookstore, ASU Main 8/24 - ASU Bookstore, ASU Main 8/24 - ASU East Passport, ASU East Campus Welcome Event

SUCCESS: 8,000 outlets and growing : 

SUCCESS: 8,000 outlets and growing CVS Pharmacies Plaid Pantry Circle K- selected stores Tedeschi EZ Mart Scotchman Hi Health Vitamin Discount Ctrs. San Diego State U. Uni. of So. Cal. Jackson’s Food Store Taylor Petroleum Find High Octane Energy Chews at your local:

Product Specs : 

Product Specs $1.99 - $2.49 SRP Three Chews in each bag 12 bags per box Coming soon! 2 new flavors! Cherry Orange

Product Supplement Facts : 

Product Supplement Facts

Recommendations : 

Recommendations Download a Buy 1 Get 1 Free! coupon today at

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