Juniper JN0-211 JNCIA Cloud Certification Questions & Answers

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JUNIPER JNCIA CLOUD CERTIFICATION QUESTIONS ANSWERS JN0-211 Practice Test NWEXAM.COM Juniper Certifications help you launch and advance your IT Networking career. This Juniper JNCIA Cloud JN0-211 PDF gives you the opportunity to identify any knowledge gaps so you can refine your study strategy and ensure a good score in the JN0-211 exam.

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam JN0-211 Practice Test’s JN0-211 PDF is a comprehensive document containing questions and answers that are compiled and approved by Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certified Professionals so you may rest assured that you have reliable preparation materials. Passing a JNCIA-Cloud certification exam requires more than buying books and watching videos. You need to explore many practice test questions to be familiar with the test. No matter how much you read during the preparation for your JNCIA Cloud certification exam if you don’t have any clue what the exam pattern is there is no way you can develop your confidence before the test. Taking practice tests is therefore very crucial to your success in the JNCIA Cloud exam.

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam JNCIA Cloud JN0-211 Exam Details:- Exam Name Cloud Associate Exam Number JN0-211 JNCIA-Cloud Exam Price 200 USD Duration 90 minutes Number of Questions 65 Passing Score Variable 60-70 Approx. Recommended Training Juniper Networks Cloud Fundamentals JCF Exam Registration PEARSON VUE Sample Questions Juniper JN0-211 Sample Questions Practice Exam Juniper Networks Certified Associate Cloud Practice Test Juniper JNCIA-Cloud JN0-211 Questions and Answers Set 01. Which type of service would allow you to provision five servers with Windows Server 2016 installed a IaaS b PaaS

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam c SaaS d FWaaS Answer: b 02. From where does AppFormix gather performance metrics in a network a from an agent on a host or system b from a NETCONF connection c from RPM probes sent across the network d from statistics NFVs instantiated in the data path Answer: a 03. What are two components of the Juniper Networks SDSN solution Choose two. a manual secure policy control b dynamic VPN connections c enforcement everywhere on the network d centralized management Answer: c d 04. Which CSO component enables customers to manage sites and services for their organizations a Administration Portal b Customer Portal c Designer Tools d Service and Infrastructure Monitor Answer: b 05. In which two scenarios is Contrail used Choose two.

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam a private cloud networking b network hardware lifecycle management c Network Functions Virtualization d policy-based routing Answer: a c 06. Which method does WANDL use to collect live network information a FTP b SOAP c TFTP d SNMP Answer: d 07. What are two roles of sandboxing in Sky ATP Choose two. a to test the operation of security rules b to validate the operation of third-party components c to analyze the behavior of potential security threats d to store infected files for further analysis Answer: c d 08. Which protocol is used to transport monitoring data in Junipers open and extensible data model a TCP b SNMP c SOAP d UDP Answer: d

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam 09. According to Juniper Networks what is the recommended external routing protocol for the underlay network a EGP b IS-IS c BGP d OSPF Answer: c 10. The vMX Series provides which two benefits Choose two. a The vMX Series uses containerization technology for rapid service enablement. b The vMX Series uses carrier-grade routing optimized for the x86 environment. c The vMX Series requires a license for production environments. d The vMX Series uses a Trio ASIC. Answer: b c

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JN0-211 Exam Questions Juniper JNCIA Cloud Certification Practice Exam Get Full Online Practice of JN0-211 Certification Practice tests on are by our professional expert team which are designed to test your knowledge and ensure your understanding about the technology. With our practice tests you will be sure to pass the exams and get the JNCIA Cloud certification. All the questions and answers provided on our site are valuable totally beat the cheap and invalid materials. We guarantee your success at your first attempt with our product. Start Online practice of JN0-211 Exam by visiting URL jncia-cloud

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