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Memory, Imagination, and Faith


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TOK Project Faith, Imagination, and Memory:

TOK Project Faith, Imagination, and Memory By: Chrysteen, Emily, and Kajchi Period 6


Faith How can faith help our search for knowledge? Faith is what you believe in like Faith is about trusting other people's. Faith is about confidence your yourself. How can faith hinder our search for knowledge? One's ethic. Other one is religion. Third one is emotion. Faith is what you believe and what you’re confident in.

Imagination~ :

Imagination~ Our imagination may affect how we experience the world more than we think. What we imagine hearing or seeing "in our head" can change our perception. How Imagination can hinder our search for knowledge: Imagination distracts us from reality. Ex; Reading a really good book and everything else around you seem to not exist anymore. Imagination makes us believe in something unreal. EX; Bloody Mary will kill you if you say her name 3 times in the bathroom with the lights off. But, did that really happened? No. Imagination blocks the truths in reality. Ex; I had a dream that i could fly and it felt real, so i can fly in reality too.


Memory Memory may be like truth to people but it’s more of an opinion than facts. Memory is a personal thought moment process of people which is quite difficult to understand when it is happening. How memory helps our search for knowledge How memory hinders our search for knowledge Remembering your phone number or someone’s number. Remembering how to write your name, knowing your abc’s, shapes, and knowing your colors. Our memories come from our emotional reactions. When people use memory as evidence for backup or such. Confusion Believing

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