Help Make Their Golden Years Truly Golden

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Here are some ways to make sure the caretaker you hire is going to properly care for your loved one.


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Help Make Their Golden Years Truly Golden :

Help Make Their Golden Years Truly Golden

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If you can’t care for your parents or grandparents as they age, then you’ll want to make sure the person you hire is qualified. Following these guidelines should help you select the right caregiver for the senior in your life.   You’ll want to hire a man or woman who is warm and kind. Taking care of seniors can, at times, require a lot of patience, so you need someone who has a big heart for them. One way to get a clearer picture of their attitude toward caretaking is to have your senior family member sit in on the interviews. If the job candidate seems dismissive or condescending toward him or her, then you know they are not right for the job.

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Kindness is a crucial trait in a caregiver, but so is being able to complete the tasks assigned. Warmness is wonderful, but it’s also ineffectual if it’s not paired with competence. It’s important that the caretaker you hire is able to keep calm, cool and collected even during emergencies. You want your loved one to always be in capable hands.   In a lot of cases, caregivers take care of not only the senior, but also their home. Make sure the caretaker you hire doesn’t think menial household cleaning chores are beneath them. The potential hire should be told upfront exactly what will be expected of them. If he or she seems uncomfortable with any of the cleaning chores you require, then this might not be the job for him or her.

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For something as important as this, you’ll want to do a criminal background check. If you are hiring from an agency, they should have already conducted one, but you should check to make sure. Convictions for drug possession, driving under the influence, or driving without insurance or registration should be a huge red flag. Remember, the safety and comfort of your loved one should be your top priority.   Reading the potential caretakers’ resumes and following up on referrals is a very important step. When you talk to past employers, ask about their level of patience, their punctuality and their ability to follow directions. If there’s even one thing that sounds questionable about a candidate, you should ask them about it. If their answer is not satisfactory, feel free to cross them off your list. After all, whomever you hire will be spending all day talking to and taking care of a beloved member of your family. Click here if you are looking to hire a senior caregiver in Oceanside.

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