What to Know About Kayaks

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Kayaks are one of the most popular recreational vehicles on the water. Read about them here and find out more at http://emeraldcoastkayaks.com/


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What to Know About Kayaks:

What to Know About Kayaks


Kayaks are a small watercraft believed to have been around for the last 4000 years. Early designs of the kayak were intended for a single person, where it got its name “hunter’s boat.” The inventors of the kayak were the Inuit, who made these boats three time their arm length long and their waist plus a fist on either side wide. The man typically built the boat while the wife sewed the skins to allow it to float. While the main purpose of the raft was to fish, kayaks today see many different purposes.

The Advances Made to Kayaks:

The Advances Made to Kayaks Original kayaks were designed to have just the male maker onboard. Kayaks today can seat one to three people. Older kayaks were made using skins stretched over lumber or whalebone skeleton. About fifty years ago, kayaks were made from rotomolded plastic. Kayaks today are typically built from rotomolded polyethylene, but also can be made from fiberglass as well. The paddle has seen changes as well, ranging from flat, narrow, one headed designs to thick, two headed, wide designs to help displace water.

Uses For Kayaks:

Uses For Kayaks Kayaks have had a plethora of uses. The first intent for kayaks were for hunting and fishing. The boat allowed for a fisherman to go farther out in the water than just the shore to catch bigger fish to feed bigger families. The boat could also glide up rivers and streams to help get better positioning on land prey. Kayaks now have many different designs to fit many different styles. Recreational kayaks are designed to easily glide through water, while competitive kayaks are designed from high speeds in the water to race in. Freestyle kayaks are designed to go into whitewater rapids and do tricks, such as 360 turns, rolls, and even flips under the right circumstances.


Kayaks are specifically designed to remain on the surface of the water, and allow the user to easily roll the kayak back over in the case of a capsizing. Because traditionally making kayaks still remains with the Inuit around the Arctic Circle, mainstream kayaks are typically purchased. Purchasing a kayak can be a costly ordeal. Emerald Coast Kayaks , a Destin kayak rentals provider, says that not only is the kayak price range in the few thousands, but a rider will need a paddle and proper to gear to remain safe while kayaking. Owning a kayak is a good way to ensure that you can ride it when you please, but renting ensures that you only pay on the days that you want to be out on the water.

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