Creation of treasure hunt

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A basic outline of how treasure hunt was crea


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Creation of treasure hunt:

Creation of treasure hunt This presentation outlines the major parts of the creation of treasure hunt

Shrinking star girl:

Shrinking star girl When loading in the game, Star Girl was far too large for the level. To fix this, I coded her to shrink by half her size when the game began.


Movement In order to make Star Girl move, arrows were inserted into the game and coded to make her move 50 blocks up, down, left or right when touched. It was experimented with her moving 25 and 100 blocks, but they were either too small or too large, so 50 blocks worked best.

Enemies - appearance:

Enemies - appearance In order to make the enemies appear at certain points in the game, I had to set the invisibility on all of them to 100% until they needed to show up. In which case, I reverted their invisibility to 0%. This way, the enemies weren’t all visible at the same time, and would appear to jump into the game.

Enemy - movement:

Enemy - movement All enemies were given a specific set of codes in order to make them move. For the alien, ghost and skull, they looped in a square infinitely throughout the game which surrounded a treasure item, while the demons and masks moved up and down, or left and right on an infinite loop. Looping in a square code; Looping up and down code;


Consequences Whenever Star Girl hits an enemy, the conditionals were that she would have to re-start the level at a specific position (where she started at the beginning of the game), and would be alerted by a beeping sound, as shown in the coding here. Originally, the base coding block for sound had a 500 millisecond wait, which sounded just that little off, so I changed it to 0 so it happened immediately.


Introduction Finally, an introduction to the game was added that explained the rules and goals of the game. After a play through to make sure everything worked, the game was published.

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