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The Wedding Band Vs The Wedding DJ ***The Rules of Hunting for the Perfect Wedding Band *** What to Ask Your Wedding Band ***Things to Give the Wedding Band


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Wedding Bands:

Wedding Bands An added degree at your wedding


Synopsis The Wedding Band Vs The Wedding DJ Qualities That Make a Great Wedding Band The Rules of Hunting for the Perfect Wedding Band How to Book the Wedding Band What to Ask Your Wedding Band Things to Give the Wedding Band

The Wedding Band Vs The Wedding DJ:

The Wedding Band Vs The Wedding DJ The Wedding Band The wedding band is a live group that sings the music and they can also play songs of your choice, depending on what you’d like. They can set the tone for your wedding and even do many different songs. However, you have to choose a band that fits in with your taste and style of music. The choices for what they can sing might be limited. Always check for referrals from the band, that they are available on your day and can play the songs you need them to play. Their prices range, so it is important to consider the price aspect of them. The Wedding DJ The wedding DJ is a person that plays recorded music, but can also be the master of ceremonies for you, if you wish. One of the biggest elements of choosing a DJ is their style and personality. You want someone that is fun to be around and happy. You want to work with someone that can send electricity through the room and get everyone moving. When you choose a DJ like this, you can make a difference on how the music is perceived.

Qualities That Make a Great Wedding Band:

Qualities That Make a Great Wedding Band They can provide you with the songs that you want and need to have at your wedding. This is a must if you have special songs you want to have played. They can customize their band to provide the music you need and want for your wedding. They speak with you and work with you on ways to make the band and music better overall. They're organized and tidy with all of the items that they need to perform. They are a reliable band that can be there early and set up everything. Superb sound quality and other unique qualities that come from a quality band. They have public liability insurance in case something were to happen during the event. Their attitude and attire match perfectly with the wedding you’re going to be having. You want a band that has everything together and nothing out of place. If they have a legitimate business, they will have a business card with their information and other marketing materials where you can learn a bit more about them. Sometimes word of mouth is not always a good thing. They have a decent amount of experience, which provides you with a great band overall since they’ve done this before in the past and can provide the same level of service you can expect from a great wedding band. How personable are they? You want someone that is able to work with you on everything from start to finish, but also relate with you. Someone that can make you smile and has a great energy about them is always good. Does the band have a good intuitive to know when the music needs to be changed? They need to be able to make it softer or harder depending on the audience.

The Rules of Hunting for the Perfect Wedding Band:

The Rules of Hunting for the Perfect Wedding Band Never, Ever Hire Someone You Don’t Research on a Whim When it comes to hiring someone on a whim, it is not necessarily a good idea. You want to ensure that you have someone you handpicked from a group. This is because you did the research on all of them and have gotten their information. You feel like you can trust them to do a good job and have already spoke with their references. Don’t Pay the Band Up Front For Their Services You don’t want to pay the band up front for any services. You wouldn’t pay someone up front for the contracting or remodelling work that they do, the same is true for the band that you hire for your wedding. You want to make sure that you know the price, have a contract and pay them at the end of their service. Always Use a Contract People that do not use a contract are leaving themselves open for a lot of problems if something goes wrong. You want to work with a person that provides a contract and is able to provide the necessary help when needed. This is due to the fact that you need to protect yourself when hiring everyone. Find Someone That Shares Your Tastes When you work with a band that shares your tastes, you’re easily able to enjoy all that comes with the music that they offer but you also know that they’re going to be on the right track to providing you with the same type of music that you want. Know Their Vibe By knowing their vibe and energy, you can choose whether or not you’re able to hire them for your wedding. You want to make sure that they can motivate the crowd and provide them with all that they need, while also ensuring that you’re getting a wedding band that has all of the right music for the occasion.

How to Book the Wedding Band:

How to Book the Wedding Band Research bands in the area to find out who is recommended for wedding band services. Read reviews, talk to others that have used them. Narrow down your selection to around 3-5 good bands that have high recommendations with others that have used them for their weddings. Contact each of the bands separately to find out more about them. You want to know how they did, what they did and how they can benefit you. Meet with them to find out more about them and ask any questions you have. Make sure to write down the questions and answers to find out if they’re the right ones for the job. Narrow your selection down to at least 2-3 and then figure out the prices from there. Choose the one that has the best price, but also that provides the best wedding services. You want a band that is not going to be too high cost, but also not extremely low and you want someone that does a great job.

What to Ask Your Wedding Band:

What to Ask Your Wedding Band How do you describe the style that you have when it comes to playing music? Knowing more about their style means that they can conform to the music style that you need or want. Going with a band that doesn’t have the same style as what you expect is a no-go. Can we come take a look at one of the other weddings you’re doing? Getting a feel for the band means sampling them, as well. You want to see them in action. If they have an upcoming wedding, it is important to poke your head in and see how they do. If they don’t or you cant, then consider asking for a tape. Will you find out if the space has everything you need for the music system? This is not only one less thing you have to work out, but it also means that they know what they’re looking for. They know their sound system, so being able to find out if your venue can accommodate it is a great thing. Can you play special request songs that we want? Usually, any band is going to play what you want, but it is also good to ask them. You want to know how they will react to this type of question. With anything from a religious song to a pop song, or anything in between.


Cont… Do we need to rent anything extra for you? Know if you need special instruments or lighting for them. You want to make sure that you have everything that they need for the setup. However, if this is going to be a large extra charge, it might not be worth it. What do you typically wear? Sometimes, they allow you to tell them what to wear, other times they might just wear something that is appropriate for the occasion. Either way, it is extremely important to ask them before hiring them! Can you act as the master of ceremonies? Know if they’re comfortable doing the shout outs, the first dance and other announcements when they’re also providing the music. This helps you cover all of your bases.

Things to Give the Wedding Band:

Things to Give the Wedding Band Plan the Whole Day Out Make sure that they know what to expect and you know what to expect. By planning everything out ahead of time, everyone is in a comfortable position. Give Your Music Choices Ahead of Time Give the band your own music that you want to have played ahead of time. This will ensure that they have it on hand and can play the songs you want to have played during the times you want them to be played. Let Them Know What You Want Them to Say If they’re going to be the master of ceremonies, you want them to know what to say and when to say it. They often already have somewhat of a plan, as they’ve most likely did it before, but it is always good to plan this out. Directions to the Venue Make sure they know what time, day and where the venue is for the day. You want to make sure that they are there ahead of time, so they can setup and prepare. Find Out if They are Doing Both Ceremony and Reception Music This is also a good thing to speak with them about. You want to know if they’re going to do both for you. You want someone that can give music throughout the whole thing. Seating Plans Might Be Required Letting them know they’re welcome to the food and drinks provided, but also a seating chart, so they know where they should be presenting from or setting up at is always a good idea. Making them comfortable with their surroundings will put them in the best position. Anything Else They Want or Need You want to work with them to provide the items they need to make the music at your event a success. Make sure to give the items to them and smile, its your big day!

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