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Bartending and Me: 

Bartending and Me By Stacey Kauleinamoku, 676-3635

What is a Bartender?: 

What is a Bartender? Person behind the bar in a pub, tavern, inn, bar, or restaurant who serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks Types of bartending: Regular Bartending Flair Bartending

What is Bartending?: 

What is Bartending? A job where you meet new people, socialize and get paid A job where you mix and serve cocktails, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages to the bar’s customers

What is Flair Bartending?: 

What is Flair Bartending? The practice of entertaining guests, clientele, or audience with throwing/juggling of bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways

International and National Bartending Associations: 

International and National Bartending Associations World Bartending Training Organization: An association and network of international bartending schools and principals ABC Bartending: The largest privately owned bartending school system in the United States

Membership Information: 

Membership Information The easiest way to get in touch is by Internet WBTO: e-mail (free membership) ABC: website (fee applies) The following information is required: Name and/or Alias City or Town State Type of Bar you are working in E-mail Address Web-site (if you have one) I’m not a member of either of these associations, but they sound like fun

How/Why I Got Started: 

How/Why I Got Started My friend, Maile, couldn’t find a baby-sitter and asked me to fill in for her one night I’ve been bartending since I was 17 I was attracted to the awesome tips and the night life I practice my hobby daily at home and monthly at the bar

Essentials of Bartending: 

Essentials of Bartending Bartending Equipment Garnishes Glasses Liquors First select the glassware you need in order to make the drink that was ordered Place the shaker tin or blender that is needed in front of the glassware Add the ingredients to your drink keeping track of the amount you pour Once you finish making the drink, garnish it with the required fruit, etc. Most vital: shaker Prepare good-looking drinks Remember: less is best Always a necessity

Glasses: Types and Sizes: 

Glasses: Types and Sizes Glass Types: Cocktail (4 oz.) Flute (6-8 oz.) Highball (10 oz.) Old-Fashioned (5-6 oz.) Shot (2-3 oz.) Irish Coffee (8-10 oz.)

Bartending Equipment: 

Bartending Equipment Most Vital Tool: Cocktail Shaker Basic Cocktail Tool Kit: Bar Knife Barspoon Blender Cutting Board Dash Pourer Ice Bucket Ice Scoop Jigger Juicer

Liquors: The Essentials: 

Liquors: The Essentials Spirits: Bourbon Brandy Gin Rum Tequila Vodka Whiskey Liqueurs: Amaretto Bailey’s Irish Cream Cointreau Crème de menthe Crème de cacao Curacao Grand Marnier

Garnishes: The Finishing Touch: 

Garnishes: The Finishing Touch Fruits: Blackberries Cherries, maraschino Lemons Limes Oranges Pineapples Raspberries Strawberries Others: Celery Sticks Green Olives Mint, fresh

Being a Bartender: 

Being a Bartender Benefits: Bartenders get paid a base salary and tips Professional bartenders may earn over $30/hour with salary and tips Bartending allows creativity Being a bartender gives a great opportunity to make new friends and network There are jobs opportunities world wide Flexible work hours Disadvantages: Constant competition between bartenders of different bars There’s a lot of drink recipes to remember Causes relationships problems (trust issues) New dram shop laws are harsher on bartenders

Practice, Practice, Practice: 

Practice, Practice, Practice Bartenders should practice their pours 40 times a day 20 with each hand To ensure a proper pour every time And a Steady use of liquor Bartending is a a matter of practice, practice, practice until you get it right Warning: Bartending may lead to a vampire-like life-style…work at night; sleep during the day

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