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Be the Host of Exciting Team Building Activities Group rocket

A Truth and A Lie:

A Truth and A Lie Each member should state one truth and one lie about themselves. other team members should guess which one of the proclamations is true. This helps the teammates to gel up well and understand more about each other .

Egg Drop:

Egg Drop Split the team into two groups and assign them with the task of building a sustainable egg package . They Provided with materials like papers, plastics, balloons, tapes etc. Everyone will get a chance to drop the eggs using their egg package. the other team will watch the eggs drops. Helps to achieve a common goal to win the egg drop job .

Zombie Escape :

Zombie Escape  Some one have to be in empty room and lock the door. Choose volunteer natural zombie from the group . Tie the zombie in the corners of the room. the zombie is unleashed every five minutes  when game starts.   They should find the hidden key that unlocks the door and flee from the apocalypse . Visit


  Legoman Divide the group into 3-6 small groups and ask them to replicate the sculpture . The leader should call for one of the members from each team . Expected to observe and memorize the sculpture only for few minutes and help their team member to build the same. H elp the members to manoeuvre , communicate effectively and problem solve amongst them . Visit

Life Highlights Game:

Life Highlights Game Each of the members to close their eyes for one minute They should rewind the pleasing moments of their lives. While their eyes are closed, ask them to share what 30 seconds of their life. The second portion of the game is the “review” section. The leader will ask the participant what their 30 seconds entailed. Visit

Human knot:

Human knot The playing group size can be from 8-20 people. Get the team to stand in a circle.  Instruct everyone to raise their right hand and grasp the hand of someone standing across the circle from them. A sk them to  put their left hand in the air and hold the hand of a another person . This game will rely heavily on teamwork and communication . Visit


Frostbite It prepares leaders to make good decisions constructing the shelter, physically . The team is also is given a limited time to build the shelter. When time runs out, switch on the electric fan and check the who built a stronger shelter . Visit

Scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunt High-tech team building game. use text messages, riddles, websites, or email addresses with auto-responses to broadcast the clue. QR codes with this  free online QR code generator . Visit

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