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Dogs are great companions when they are well-trained. In this article, I will be sharing the tips to training obedient dogs. Hope this will be a great help for one who is looking for a life long companion.


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Ways to Train Obedient Dogs How do you feel anytime you see your dog pooping all over your living area Disgusted This is exactly what happens when you fail to train it. Dogs just like kids can be trained to listen to certain commands. This will ensure that they are well-behaved and do not get your home messed up. They will become great companions when well-trained. If you are a dog owner or planning to buy one anytime soon this post is for you. Here we will be discussing ways to train obedient dogs. Prepare for dog training In preparing for dog training you need to choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. Do not choose an aspirational dog or one that is hyperactive. Give your dog a practical name. Schedule enough time for training. Choose your equipment such as leash collar ball etc. You also need to prepare your mind to be calm. Manage Expectations and Mood Dogs only learn when they are happy and in a good mood. Adjust your attitude and behaviour to encourage the ability and confidence of your dog to learn. A calm mood is the perfect learning mood for dogs. Keep Temperament in Mind Dogs like kids have different temperaments. They learn at different rates and styles. Hence it is important that you modify your techniques and modes of training to suit the breed’s temperament. Reward Instantly One way you can encourage your dog is by rewarding them from time to time for impressing you. However the reward or praise should come fast enough. If not you may end up rewarding the wrong behaviours. Be Consistent When it comes to dog training consistency is key. Ensure that the exact commands are used by everyone during training. They may not be able to tell the difference between “sit down” and “sit”. Using terms like this interchangeable may only get the dog confused.

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5 Key Commands There are 5 important commands in training your dog. These are “Sit” “Come” “Stay” “Down” and “Leave It”. The “Sit” command is the most basic and easiest for your dog to pick up. 2 nd one instructing the dog to “Come” will keep your dog out of danger or trouble when the leash is loose. Third is to get your dog “Stay” in the location or position you need. Next the “Down” command is a submissive posture which can be tougher to train. Last but not least is the “Leave It” command which is essential to keep your dog safe from unnecessary curiosity which can invite danger. There you have it The above are certain ways you can train your dog yourself. However training a dog can be rather stressful. You can save yourself the stress involved by hiring the services of a professional dog trainer. To learn more about secrets to obedient Dog Training click here to find out With Love Elizabeth

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