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Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greece By Rachel Simpson

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Greek History The Greek people fought each other for control until Alexander the Great. Rome eventually controlled Greece.

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Greek Economics The Greeks used oligarchies as a form of government, drachmas were used for money, and rich people had fancy homes.

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Greek Culture Greeks would eat and grow olives and a tradition was to sacrifice to their gods. Rich people would wear a chiton and poor people would wear a tunic.

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Greek Religion The Ancient Greek people practiced the religion of polytheism-the worship of more than one god. Here are some of their gods with their duties. Ares: God of War Athena: Goddess of Wisdom Zeus: Lord of the Sky and King of the Gods Poseidon: God of the Seas Artemis: Goddess of Hunting and Night

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Interesting Facts The Greeks thought the gods controlled absolutely everything. Greece was the size of Alabama . Greece had 2,000 islands. They have a national cheese in modern times. The Greek Orthodox Church forbids cremation .

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