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At Amy Walden and Associates, our main goal is to offer quality vision services in a comfortable environment. We accomplish just that in our location near Fishers at the Hamilton Town Center Lenscrafters! If you want to get professional eye care treatments from Fishers Eye Doctors, then Amy Walden and Associates are the best. Contact us today to know more about us.


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Are you having vision problems or are in need of a new pair of eye glasses? Has it been longer than a year since your last check up? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for a comprehensive eye exam with our  Fishers Eye Doctors ! Our highly trained staff of Fishers Optometrists work hard to provide personalized vision care in to make you feel at ease and welcome. All of our eye doctors believe in giving you the best service when it comes to your eye care needs.


At Dr. Amy Walden and Associates, our Fishers Eye Doctors will inspect your overall eye health with a comprehensive eye exam utilizing state-of-the-art technology . Our eyes are one of the five sensory organs that we perceive the world through. However, it is our eyes that do the overwhelming majority of the sensory work for us. Imagine how difficult life would be without proper eyesight. That is why the most prudent of people get their eyes checked regularly. If you do not think that regular eye exams are important, here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider : You Can Keep Track of Your Ocular Status You Can Avoid Expensive Medical Treatments You Can Ensure Your Family Proper Eye Care You Can Seek Prompt Treatment for Existing Eye Conditions You Can Ensure Good Eyesight in the Long-Run


When it comes to your eyes, there is no sense whatsoever in cutting corners. You should always trust optometrists in Fishers with a good, long-standing reputation. To that end, Amy Walden and Associates is the leading Fishers eye doctor’s services provider. We have a great reputation and deliver the best eye care services to our clients. Our motto is to help our patients lead a better life through personalized care at fair prices. Our  Fishers Eye Doctors  take the time to get to know our patients, their eye care history, and vision needs . Interested in booking an eye exam appointment? Please feel to call us at (317) 770-1633 or schedule an appointment online here!


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