Differences between Natural Stone and Artificial Stone

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Natural stone feels cold in touch in normal temperature; artificial stone and faux natural stone material relatively in warm feel; some artificial stone feels very smooth on surface after polishing. The surface color of artificial stone and natural stone material is very regular and order, while the pattern and design of natural stone material is irregular and variable. Visit@ http://www.elegantnaturalstones.in/


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Know the Unknown Differences between Natural Stone and Artificial Stone

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Stones are extremely important for construction as well as decorating the residential establishments. They play an extremely vital role in making both the interior as well as the exterior part of the homes strong and sober respectively. Stones are used from building beautiful walls of the home to creating decorative artifacts for the same.

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There is only one thing that differentiates these stones from the function of utility, and that is the method of creation. Stones mainly occur in two different types, the naturally created stones, and the artificially created ones. It is important to know that both these stone variants are used in the construction of houses.

Artificial Stone v/s Natural Stone :

Artificial Stone v/s Natural Stone

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Thanks to the greatness of Mother Nature, we have got hold of Natural stones and its various bi-products. The stones occur in nature through the natural process of metamorphosis. The shine, as well as the textures of these natural stones depends on how nature has created them. It is extremely astonishing how these I ndian natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone, Redstone, etc. are found in their unique patterns without any intervention of the mankind.

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The artificial stones, on the other hand, are made out of cement and its products. The artificial stones are created after the process of molding, and when they are sprayed with colors and dyes of stucco, they represent themselves as natural stones. It is needless to say that the artificial stones are very much cheap in price than the natural ones.

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For the purpose of filling the gaps of the artificial stones, other stones in smaller sizes are used. The artificial stones are made in thin pieces, and these pieces are installed in projects of small budgets. Another way of making the artificial stones is binding the pieces of tiles and small natural stones along with cement mortar. In many cases, limestones, sandstones, and marbles are also used in place of granite.

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The types of natural stones are tankard, Verona rose, Modena, old brick, shale white, hand brick red, etc. These stones are mainly used for the constructional purposes. The artificial stones that are used in the exterior part of the houses are used in building pavements, flooring, walls, etc. The artificial stones provide great shine and durability as well.

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