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E-bike Customisation: Make a Great Bike Better One of the best ways to customise an electric bike is to buy an e-bike kit. Building an electric bike or converting your own bike into an electric unit takes great skill which is why not many choose to take on the challenge. This said customising your own e-bike is not an impossibility especially when you have a strong background on similar types of DIY projects. Finding someone who knows the ins and outs of electric motorbikes UK is also recommended so you can be guided throughout the process. The first thing you should consider when embarking on a custom e-bike project is your electric bike kit purchase. It is important to do thorough research when ordering your electric kit. Take time to learn about the terms that surround electric motorbikes UK as well as the different options you have in the market. Shops that specialize in electric bikes scooters and similar types of vehicles are great resources when searching for good kits to purchase. These are also great places to turn to should you decide to purchase a brand new or even a customisable unit. By taking time to research your pre-built and e-bike kit options you will have a better grasp of which solution is best for your needs. Below are important things you should consider when customising electric motorbikes UK:  Converting an old bike using an electric bike kit will add only about 16 to 20 pounds of weight on the resulting bike. Pre-built electric bikes are heavier which is something to think about if weight is an issue on your typical trips.  It is possible to adapt different styles of bicycles including trikes recumbents and folding bikes.  Modifying your own bike eliminates the need to re-fit a new unit because chances are it is already something you are comfortable riding. E-bike kits are much cheaper as you are only paying for the electrical system and not the other components you already have through your existing unit.

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