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Los Angeles Personal Injury Trial Lawyers. Established in 2003. With offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, we specialize in representing injured clients against insurance companies in major personal injury cases throughout California. https://www.personalinjurylawyerslosangeles.com


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Everything You Should Know after an Injury in an Uber Car Accident Uber is a popular ride-sharing service that connects a passenger with a driver. Its popularity is spreading globally with most countries adopting the Uber services. Uber accidents do happen and can happen anywhere. The ridership of uber has increased greatly hence the possibilities of accidents are increasing daily. When you are involved in an uber accident the first thing you should consider doing is speaking to an attorney about it. Insurance Policies Uber insurance policies do not cover commercial accidents. The uber industry pays its drivers differently compared to other taxi drivers. Instead Uber feels that since it simplifies the work of the driver and the rider then they should not offer commercial accidents. Technically as a driver you have your own insurance policy which does not cover commercial accidents. Another disadvantage is that the uber drivers do not undergo special training as drivers and in the transportation services. That means that at an average you carry riders with liability coverage in case accidents happen. The insurance is only useful when you are transporting passengers. Communication Barrier Uber is not easily accessible in case of accidents. It is very easy to pick up an uber but when you are involved in an accident uber does not have a phone number you can use to call an agent. For you to communicate with them you email them and wait for the reply. Communication barrier after an accident disadvantages uber users. An accident attorney will help you in this situation because he will ensure that communication has happened as you concentrate on healing your injuries. Choose Your Actions Wisely Protect your rights after the uber accident. Protecting your rights helps your case with the help of an accident lawyer. You should not assume that the driver will automatically report the case to the company. Ensure that you report it yourself. You can either email them or simply do so on the uber app. The app has a complete process of reporting an accident hence making this process simpler. If you fail to report the accident as soon as it has happened then your case will be more complex to solve. You can also choose other actions as a way of helping your case like • Taking photos of the accident scene • Remaining at the scene after the accident • Write down the description of the car • You can also take screenshots of the exact location in the uber app. In conclusion the more information you gather about the scene of the accident the stronger your case becomes. It will help you during compensation and claims. Ensure that

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you have an accident lawyer who you can contact in case of an accident. He will help you in all aspects of the case.

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