MYOB Accounting-Introduction


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Reasons why MYOB Accounting System is one of the popular accounting software in the world


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MYOB Accounting System:

MYOB Accounting System Introduction by MYOB Professional Partner of MYOB Malaysia

MYOB suite of software:

MYOB suite of software

MYOB Accounting software :

MYOB Accounting software It is a business software that is designed to provide integrated operational functions between sales, purchases, inventory and banking departments, in one product. It is a tool by which SME business owners can use to help them build better businesses .


MYOB uses graphics to shorten the learning curve

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6 command centres to manage your daily business transactions

1. Accounts Command Centre:

1. Accounts Command Centre

2. Banking Command Centre:

2. Banking Command Centre

3. Sales Command Centre:

3. Sales Command Centre

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4. Purchases Command Centre

5. Inventory Command Centre:

5. Inventory Command Centre

6. Card File Command Centre:

6. Card File Command Centre

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User friendly Use common terms to help you move around

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Single entry. Accounting double entries completed for you behind the scene .


MYOB Simplifies complicated processes.

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Looks like the paper form you are familiar with when you request for a cheque


MYOB Integrates accounting process with management tools


MYOB Provides real time information. Get your reports anytime you want. No waiting


MYOB admits that humans do make mistakes and makes it easy to correct them


MYOB Great value and affordable for SMEs

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