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How to activate a company datafile created in MYOB Accounting software


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MYOB Accounting software Activating your company file PGL Business Consult

Company activation Index Page:

Company activation Index Page Product Registration Company File Activation Confirm Activation Appendix : Where to find the Company File ID Confirmation code Automatic file confirmation Activating a Read-Only file De-activating a Company file

Product registration:

Product registration The MYOB product that you purchased must first be registered (by fax or online at ) before you can activate your company files Need to register once only No need to re-register if reformat PC Product serial number – 12 digit Register to the legal owner’s Name and Registered Address Back to Index page

Company Activation :

Company Activation You are licensed to create 5 companies, for free, with each product you purchased Every new company file that you created in MYOB software needs to be activated. You are given 30 days to activate your new company file. If you don’t activate the file by the end of the 30th day, it becomes a ‘read-only’ file, which means you cannot enter any data to that file. Back to Index page

Confirm Activation :

Confirm Activation After a file has been activated, you will be required to confirm the activation on a periodical basis (every 6-9 months) You are given 14 days to confirm the activated file, before it becomes a read-only file Back to Index page

How to activate a newly created Company file :

How to activate a newly created Company file . . When you see this message on the MYOB window, you have the option to select either the 1 st or 2 nd method to obtain the confirmation code

Option 1 : Online Activation:

Option 1 : Online Activation You must be connected to the internet when you want to use the Online Activation. Enter Serial number Click Continue 3. Your file will be activated

Option 2 : Phone Activation:

Option 2 : Phone Activation Call MYOB at the telephone number displayed Follow phone instructions to receive confirmation code To get the confirmation code, you need the Serial Number, and system generated company file code Then, you will be given the confirmation code which you need to enter in the required field. 5. Click Continue

Successful Activation of company file:

Successful Activation of company file Once you see this message, you can now continue to enter transactions Back to Index page

Appendix : Company File ID:

Appendix : Company File ID After successful activation, a company File ID will be assigned to that file You need to refer to this company file ID if you have any problems in confirming your datafile, or if you need to de-activate that file. To find out the Company file ID : Open your MYOB company file Go to Help menu, select ‘About MYOB’ The company file ID is displayed on the right Next Back

Appendix : Confirmation Code:

Appendix : Confirmation Code You must get a new confirmation code every time MYOB software requests for confirmation, by selecting either option 1 or 2 whenever prompted by the system. The confirmation code cannot be reused for future datafile confirmation.

Appendix : Automatic file confirmation:

Appendix : Automatic file confirmation To allow MYOB software to confirm the company file automatically via internet, Open MYOB company file Go to Setup menu, choose Preferences In the preferences window, click Security Select “ I prefer to use automated online company file confirmation” Click OK Note : You must have internet access on the PC where datafile is located to use this feature.

Appendix : Activating a Read-Only file :

Appendix : Activating a Read-Only file After the grace period for activation expires, and you need to enter data into that file, you will need to confirm the file activation: Open the company file as usual Go to Help menu Select ‘ Confirm Company File ’ Confirm the activation, either over the internet, or through phone Back

Appendix : Deactivating a Company File:

Appendix : Deactivating a Company File If an activated company file is no longer required, it can be de-activated You need to contact MYOB Support team (by phone or by email) to de-activate your file You need to identify the Company File ID Charges apply every time you seek to deactivate or reactivate your company datafile

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