Make a Beautiful Home with Different Porcelain Tiles


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Make a Beautiful Home with Different Porcelain Tiles :

Make a Beautiful Home with Different Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles Clean And Maintenance :

Porcelain Tiles Clean And Maintenance As we all know the porcelain tile has very powerfully crack resistance and rubbing resistance. In the rainy day, the cement joint between the tiles may absorb water, and dirt cement may seep later, which may dirt the surface of the tiles. However, dreamer's color joint filling agent features outstanding adhesion and anti-seeping performance of the polished porcelain tiles . Stable color, eternal good effect. Excellent mortar joint is important for the effect of wall and floor, if the color of mortar joint color is unstable, it may influence the whole effect. Dreamer's color joint filling agent features stable color and no fading , therefore, it can powerfully prevent the above weakness. Strong mildew proof performance : Dreamer's color joint filling agent is mildew proof and can make the surface clean and sanitary. Various colors and various selections: Dreamer's color joint filling agent features various colors and can create various effect. Thus making the decoration look more beautiful. Select the joint filling agent which has contrary color with the effect of tiles to achieve harmonious and pleasant effect. Fast and convenient construction: Dreamer's joint filling agent is well-processed, and can be used after mixing with water, therefore, it can powerfully improve the construction efficiency.

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles Decorative Color:

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles Decorative Color Porcelain tile has very good waterproof performance and it is easy to clean, so it is often used to decorate the wall and the ground of the sitting room, living room bathroom and kitchen. However, usually the most commonly used household porcelain tile is white color, the single white color porcelain tiles make the house space look a little some dull. Use the unglazed porcelain tile of different colors and patterns can let the bathroom and kitchen present a different style and pleasant atmosphere. In fact, now there are plenty of colorful crystal polished tile for sale, you might as well use them to the decorate the ground and wall so as to let them be full of vitalities and look interesting!

Mixed Decoration of Porcelain Tiles:

Mixed Decoration of Porcelain Tiles The colorful setting wall will mixed porcelain tiles of different colors is just as a group of colorful square blocks, blue, green, brown, white, it looks so beautiful. The many color mixtures of different porcelain tiles build a space look freely willful and dynamic. The bold design of the full range wall decoration gives the restaurant a more creative dining environment. Small square patters has refined the decorative pattern ornament time and time again, and at the same time, it promotes the overall grade and style of the space. In the use of different style designs and colors of porcelain tiles, avoid to use too much porcelain tiles without no levels. The tiling or mosaic is better to matched with ordinary porcelain tiles. Mosaic and latex paint collocation make the space does not appear inflexible, and you can also according to the fondness to use it to free creative designs on the tiles. In addition, the light color mosaic are suitable to used in the dark purple space.

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