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Security Surveillance Camera Systems When purchasing Security Surveillance System technologies that aren’t sold or shipped we would at least expect that the companies we purchase from can sell them in a convenience kit format. The idea is for us to get what we want in a box that’s conveniently packaged - from a single source/seller. And since we all try to buy from industry experts we assume they should know what basic components we would need in an “out of the box” video surveillance solution. This concept of buying a kit in the surveillance camera marketplace has turned into access to several grade/levels of kits. As experts in the video surveillance installation components the technicians at PTZPros realize that most of the cameras now selling in kits are posed as being outdoor cameras. However these cameras aren’t even IP66 IP Ingress Protection rated. This rating means that a camera is able to perform outdoor since it has casing units designed to keep out moisture and dust. Ratings of 66 and more have components protected against elements and are ‘dust tight’. Some people even sell outdoor kits with wiring packages that are not fit to be installed outside or on your walls. If you get a surveillance camera kit at an incredibly low price it could be that the grade ratings of the materials are low because faulty material grade is more rampant than ever. You should always research the wiring attributes and the cameras very well before your buy any surveillance kit. The issues noted above have been addressed with the release of our PTZPros Beginner PTZPros Basic and PTZPros Pro Level Surveillance Camera Systems.

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The entire set of components delivered in our surveillance kits have been configured with parts that work flawlessly in everyday commercial and residential applications. Being a local Las Vegas company we designed the cameras to perform in the most extreme heat conditions to freezing weather temps which is relative factor to being in the Mojave Desert. Our cameras deliver superior quality like that of top end cameras you would see in large scale hotels and casinos yet the LLC surveillance systems in Las Vegas are available at affordable prices to the everyday customer. With the exception of the wiring PTZPros surveillance kits come with everything you need right out of the box Why do we not include the wiring Because it would be impossible to suit every kind of need and have to charge for the most expensive kind of wiring may not be necessary – depending on your application. The majority of surveillance cameras system wiring can be gotten at your local home improvement store with the possibility of even saving more. When you buy the wiring separately it’s easier to get the appropriate kind of CAT5e CMP CMR etc. to better suit your installation. You can get the PTZPros surveillance camera systems with different quantities of cameras in a wide range to give you a perfect out-of-the-box kit that really meets your needs. click here for surveillance cameras Las Vegas

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