Impact of Power Quality and Importance of Power Quality Monitoring

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Good power quality are extremely important goals at many types of facilities, ranging from commercial and residential buildings to data centers. Energy Automation, A good power supply ensures that people work in a proper and efficient manner at home and at the workplace. Call @ +61416188490


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slide 1: Mob: +61416188490 Impact of Power Quality and Importance of Power Quality Monitoring Power quality includes three aspects that is the voltage the frequency and the waveform. When power quality is good it exhibits the following:- a Steady voltage supply b Steadyalternating current/AC frequency and c The smooth waveform of the voltage curve. To check and ensure that the power quality is good at all times power quality monitoring is vital. Disturbances and fluctuations in the proper power supply are caused by a number of factors such as:- i Load changes ii Equipment generated disturbances iii Faults ivAtmospheric phenomena and other environmental conditions.

slide 2: Mob: +61416188490 For the purpose of detecting recording and preventing these problems regularly monitoring the power quality is of utmost importance. If this is carried out it results in numerous advantages including the following:- 1 It Prevents Malfunction and Spoilage of Items: All items including appliances and devices that use electricity can malfunction due to continuous power fluctuations. They can eventually spoil quickly as a result and cause unnecessary problems for those using them. This can lead to unnecessary expenditure either in having to buy such items frequently or in getting them constantly fixed/maintained. The good power supply does not allow such problems to arise and ensures the longevity of all items requiring electricity. 2 It Ensures Ease and Comfort in Life: Good power supply ensures that life runs smoothly and in an easier more comfortable and convenient manner. Many appliances are part of a daily life including coffee/tea maker television chagrining units/devices computers water purifiers fans lights. All of these need a proper power supply in order to function well and provide many years of good quality service. As they make life a lot more efficient and save both time and money they need to be carefully maintained. One of the ways of doing this is ensuring a good power supply which prevents such items from spoiling quickly. It also ensures that they remain in good condition and provide the many years of proper service expected from them.

slide 3: Mob: +61416188490 3 It Helps All Workplaces to Run properly and Smoothly: All workplaces including commercial establishments require electricity to run properly. Lights computers fans air conditioners water filters are among the many requirements that need electricity. If due to continuous power fluctuations or disturbances they cannot function properly then the organization will be unable to function. In addition constant expenditure due to frequent maintenance requirements or purchasing of new items due to repeated spoilage is problematic. The solution is ensuring a good power supply throughout the year by regularly monitoring the power quality. Thus monitoring the power quality helps people and organizations to function properly and efficiently. Such services can be conveniently obtained through online organizations including Energy Automation. A good power supply ensures that people work in a proper and efficient manner at home and at the workplace. In addition to work the good power supply also increases the much-needed opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. It therefore makes sure that life progresses smoothly and a balance between family life entertainment and proper work is maintained.

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