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Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has yet to come true, we have not yet reached a point in society in which no one is discriminated against simply because of their skin color, religious backgrounds, or where they come from.

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Years after the terrorist attacks, employees continue to report discrimination on the job. "A lot of cases continue to go on. People have been called Osama bin Laden, told they are going to mosque to learn how to build a bomb."

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Nearly 280 claims of discrimination in the workplace were received by CAIR in 2004, the workplace was the second-most-common location for an alleged incident. The first was government agencies.

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Five passengers were removed from flights the year after the September 11 terror attacks they filed suit against four major U.S. airlines, accusing them of racial profiling and discrimination. "My basic right to travel free from discrimination has been violated."

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Of almost a thousand new Yorkers that were surveyed by the city commission on human rights, some 69 % said they felt subjected to discrimination or harassment, because of their ethnicity.

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After September 11th, Muslims were feared by the Americans; many were also fired or were turned down for jobs simply because of the headdress that they wore. Muslims weren’t the only ones that were discriminated against.

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Discrimination can lead to mass extinction, don’t be like the Nazi’s that killed innocent people, people are people no matter their skin color, religion, or where they come from their just like you.

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A total of roughly nine million Jews lived in the countries that would be occupied by Germany during world war II. By the end of the war, two out of every three of these Jews would be dead.

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The living in Europe, later began to blame the Jews for the loss they experienced during world war I due to their increase in population it was easier to blame the entire population then themselves. Hitler's hatred of them was partly fueled by this theory that after WWI the Jews had bankrupted Germany

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In many parts of the world today, anti-Semitism is part of the racism parties and religious sects, which draw upon their local cultures and traditions in the expression they give to social, economic and religious protest, particularly against the minorities in their midst.

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Scores of anti-Semitic outbursts are recorded each month by monitoring groups, ranging from armed and other attacks on individuals and property to the desecration of cemeteries and Holocaust memorials and the daubing of anti-Semitic slogans on buildings, often those housing Jewish communal offices and synagogues.

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We can make Martin Luther’s dream come true, all we have to do is speak up.

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