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It’s very glad to declare that it’s a great scope for the students for which they can able to get chance to learning in French in Chicago with combined American culture. This combo education system has the one target to develop the solid language and cultural skills of students which position them for success in the diverse world in which we live.


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A Cognitive Research on the Bilingual Study The French-American Education System The French-American schools in Chicago EFAC aim to teach academic linguistic and cultural lessons in French. These schools are associated with Chicago Public Schools CPS system. EFAC brings together the best of lessons from the French and American education systems. They build a unique learning environment helping students to acquire knowledge from two different systems. The dual program or the bilingual study combines language and cultural skills required to compete in the diverse world arena. Benefits of Bilingual System of Education According to a research apart from student interest to learn a new language there are multiple benefits of being bilingual which are as follows: ● Bilingual children have great sense of attention-to-detail ● They cannot be distracted easily ● They can swap from one task to the other rapidly ● They demonstrate high empathy while interacting with others ● They outperform monolingual students in reading and tests ● They are strong in functional skills ● They are not so much prone to Alzheimer’s disease CONTACT US 615 W Kemper Place CHICAGO Illinois 60614 Tel: +1 82728 Fax: +1 773 534 5778E-mail: directionefachicago.org

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