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This is a great opportunity to know more about French culture and language in American school also. Now your children can learn about the French culture education with American educational system in one of the best French school in Chicago.


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WELCOME TO EFAC The French-American School of Chicago EFAC the French-American School of Chicago covers all levels from Kindergarten to 12th grade. EFAC brings the excellence of a bi-cultural education in French and English and represents the diversity of our society today. Since 1980 the French American School of Chicago EFAC mission is to offer students a francophone education recognized by the French Ministry of Education. EFAC students have the opportunity to experience different methods of knowledge acquisition in a unique learning environment. Their journey prepares them to pursue studies in the French system or in another English educational system as well as passing the tests of the French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate of Geneva.

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The EFAC teaching team works with faculty from Lincoln Elementary and Lincoln High School to coordinate the best programs for students and to setup class schedules. Teachers ensure that materials are addressed consistently throughout the year. They support and provide encouragement to the students as the share their time between the two programs. Please contact the Director who will be happy to meet to discuss entry criteria and school operations. Contact us: French-American School of Chicago – EFAC 
 615 W Kemper Place CHICAGO Illinois 60614 Tel: +1 773-800-2728 Fax: +1 773 534 5778 E-mail: School Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:50am to 3:45pm

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