Technological Trends in Businesses for 2017


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2016 has been a great year for the modern world, and many things happened in the short span of time like the great use of virtual reality, augmented reality and even improvement in marketing. Technology has evolved consistently at a high speed, and you need to catch up or you’ll lose your edge! Let us review what changed the way we do things now; after all, technology evolves exponentially. In this article, let us find out what trends can be applied for this year in Marketing, Web Development, and Application Development. -


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Technological Trends in Businesses for 2017


Let’s see what have changed and what are still preferred in the marketing world.


Chatbots are easy to use and are either free or cheap, it’s worth the try.


Content marketing and Social Media Marketing are labeled as the most effective digital marketing techniques for 2017 basesd on Samrt Insights Survey.


Making content on your own website is important


Making use of social media’s features, such as Facebook’s live, can make you well known in this generation by including them to your events!


Let’s try to review what happened and what to expect for this year!


Have your website achieve mobile friendliness. It is important to be updated with the sizes and make your website compatible with it. Responsive Web Design


Give your website an organic feeling of using images with real people or things. Simple Web Design


Simplicity and compatibility are the keys to developing a successful app and indeed, these apps may help in the primary function of your company’s business process.


Augmented Reality A simple usage of existing technology, for example, the maps, can become an asset in your app development.


Improved User Experience People want to experience having at least a one touch one response function that is easy to use.

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