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Learning Competencies:

Learning Competencies

Grade 1 Filipino 3rd Quarter:

Grade 1 Filipino 3 rd Quarter Nailalarawan ang pamilya sa pamamagitan ng wastong panguri .

Kumpletohin ang mga pangungusap. Piliin ang sagot sa kahon.:

Kumpletohin ang mga pangungusap . Piliin ang sagot sa kahon . Ito si Inay , siya ay ______________. Si Itay naman ay __________ at __________ sa aming kabuhayan . Si Kuya ay _________. Si ate ay _________. Si bunso ay _________. mapagmahal masipag , masinop matulungin maalalahanin masayahin


Grade 1 Math 3 rd Quarter Nasasabi at naisusulat ang oras .


Isulat ang wastong oras sa kahon . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Grade 2 English 1 st Quarter Identify the charac-ters in the story.


The Bird and the Monkey


There lived a group of monkeys in the mountains. During one winter, there were heavy rains. Drenched in the rain, they began to shiver in the cold. During this time, some of the monkey found some colourful Gunja fruits, which appeared to them as embers of fire. Hoping to make some fire for themselves, they began to blow at them. A bird on a nearby tree was watching the monkeys from above. Considering the vain attempts the monkeys were busy with, it thought of advising them against it, "What big fools you are. You are blowing at some Gunja fruits and not embers of fire. You will never be able to make any fire out of them."


What you are doing is a waste of time. These fruits will not help you to protect yourself against the cold. Go and find some shelter instead. You may find a cave or a burrow where you will be protected from the rains and the cold winds." The monkeys did not like his advice. One of the old monkeys said, "Go fool yourself. Why are you interfering in our task?" But the bird disagreed. Not heeding what the old monkey had said, it flew down from the tree and persisted that the monkeys stop what they were doing. The monkey ignored his chatter but the bird refused to stop.


In an effort to convince the monkeys, the bird came close to explain that their efforts were useless. Already frustrated by their vain efforts, the monkeys became furious. One of the monkeys caught hold of the bird and smashed him against a stone in anger, killing him. The wise indeed say: Never give advice unless you are asked for it.


Who are the characters in the story? Who was interfering with the monkeys? To whom was the bird giving the advice that Gunja fruits will not make any fire? Answer the following questions.


Grade 2 Math 3 rd Quarter Visualize and identify similar fractions.


Match column A to column B. A B       1. 2. 3. a . b. c.


Fill the missing number. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Grade 4 Filipino 3 rd Quarter Nasasagot ang mga tanong sa binasang teksto .


Heograpiya ng Pilipinas Ang Pilipinas ay isang kapuluan na naglalaman na mahigit sa 7107 na pulo na may kabuuang lawak na 300,000 km2. Ang Labingisang pinakamalaking mga pulo ay sumasakop sa ika-94 na bahagdan ng kabuuuang lawak ng lupa . Ang pinakamalaki sa mga ito ay ang Luzon na may lawak na 105,000 km2. Ang sunod na pinakamalaking pulo ay ang Mindanao na may 95,000 km2. Ang kapuluan ay mahigit kumulang na 800 kilometro mula sa mainland ng Asya at matatagpuan sa pagitan ng Taiwan at Borneo .


Anong bansa ang tinutukoy sa tekstong nabasa ? Ano ang kabuuang lawak ng Pilipinas ? Ilang pulo mayroon ang Pilipinas ? Ang Luzon ay may lawak na ________. Saan matatagpuan ang Pilipinas ? Sagutin ang mga tanong .


Grade 4 Math 3 rd Quarter Describe and illustrate parallel, intersecting and perpendicular lines.


Type of Line Definition Picture Parallel Lines Lines that are the same distance apart. Intersecting Lines Lines that meet or cross each other. Perpendicular Lines Lines that meet or cross each other to form square corners.


Fill in the table with the correct answer. Type of Line Definition Picture 1. Parallel Lines 2. Intersecting Lines Lines that meet or cross each other. 3. Lines that meet or cross each other to form square corners.


Grade 5 EPP 3 rd Quarter Matukoy ang mga masustansyang pagkain .


Lagyan ng tsek (√) kung ito ay masustansya at ekis (×) kung hindi masustansya . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Grade 5 Math 3 rd Quarter Multiply mixed form by a fraction.


Find the products. Use cancellations if possible so that the answer is expressed in lowest terms . 1. 4/10 x 1 ½ = _________ 2. 1 3/5 x ¾ = __________ 3. 1/7 x 1 ¾ = __________ 4. 1 1/5 x 3/5 = _________ 5. 3 2/7 x ½ = __________


Grade 6 Math 3 rd Quarter Solve word problems involving division of decimals including money.


Read the word problems. Analyze then solve. Jon saves P105.35 a week. How long will it take him to save P 1 264.20? Robert plans to go to the province for a vacation. He wanted to by presents for his nephews worth P289.45 each. He allotted P1 157.80. how many nephews does he have in the province?


3. Christian is a businessman. Every first week of December, he deposits P51 025.00 for the Christmas bonus of his employees. Each employee receives P6 378.50. How many employee are there? 4. Cris is planning to buy a new CD player worth P4 595.25. He tries to save P306.35 a week from his allowance. How many weeks will it take him to save the amount enough to buy the CD player?


Grade 6 English 3 rd Quarter Use descriptive words.


Describe the following pictures using adjectives.


Grade 3 Science 3 rd Quarter Identify the parts of the nose.


The Parts Of The Nose


Identify the parts of the nose. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Grade 3 Math 4 th Quarter Convert time measure from seconds to minutes, minutes to hours.


Convert the following: 600 seconds = ______ minutes 5 hours = _____ minutes 5 minutes = ______ seconds 420 minutes = _____ hours 1200 seconds = _____ minutes


Grade 4 Math 3 rd Quarter Describe and illustrate the different angles.


Different types of angles. acute right obtuse straight reflex full rotation


acute right obtuse straight reflex full rotation Name the following angles. Choose your answers from the box. 6. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.


Grade 3 English 1 st Quarter Use plural form of nouns.


There are many (horse) ________ in the ranch. The (news) ________ on the television shocked the whole country. The (child) ________ in the orphanage are excited for their Christmas gifts. Every morning Mr. Jose delivers (loaf) ________ of bread in our barangay. During my friend`s birthday party the clown gave us lots of (candy) ________. Use plural nouns to complete the sentences.


Grade 6 EsP 3 RD Quarter Natutukoy ang mga hayop na maaaring alagaan sa tahanan .


Isulat ang letrang M kung maaaring alagaan ang hayop sa tahanan at H kung hindi . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.



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