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Edgematics Corporate Brochure We are committed to improving your business performance. Edgematics is a dynamic company founded in 2010 by specialists in the Information Management software solutions industry and operating in the Middle East and Africa region. It has full-fledged offices in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Information Management Competency Centre’s (IMCC) based in India. Its success and reputation has been built upon the ability to manage and own projects from start to finish, ensuring all aspects of the project are completed and delivered according to customer requirements. Working with Edgematics our customers can benefit from our experience, capability and commitment to helping them make better business decisions, delivering immediacy, clarity and insight through specific and actionable information. Our deep domain experience of over 300 person years and our coverage of the various industries like Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Transportation, Telecommunications, Healthcare & Life sciences helps you formulate the enterprise wide BI strategy keeping firm focus on your business outcomes.


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Work with a Data Management Specialist Benefit from our experience capability and commitment to helping our customers make better business decisions delivering immediacy clarity and insight through specific and actionable information. Edgematics a leading Data management Solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region has close partnerships with the world’s leading Data Integration Business intelligence and Big Data Analytics technol- ogy vendors and is uniquely placed to independently advise our customers in choosing and integrating the right technology solution for their specific needs industry systems and business objectives. Our dedicated and comprehensive professional services and support teams work tirelessly with our custom- ers to quickly and effectively define and realize clear business benefits from their investment and faith in Intelli- gent Solutions. Our Technology Bouquet Edgematics enable your organization to Access Integrate Trust and manage all your information assets. These solutions ensure that trustworthy actionable and authoritative data is available to improve operational efficiency reduce costs minimize risk and enhance your competitive advantage. Integrate Anything. Operate in Real-time. Act with Insight with Talend Talend’s modern data platform and open source approach simplifies the development process reduces the learning curve and decreases total cost of ownership so you can harness more data than ever before and realize its full business potential faster. Talend Data Fabric combines big data data integration cloud master data management and application integration into a single platform with a common development and management environment so your team is instantly productive across all integration domains. Using Talend Data Fabric your team can shift between projects without learning additional tools interfaces and programming paradigms. When IT can respond faster to business the whole organization becomes more agile and customer-centric. “ We empower organizations to Maximize Return on Data to drive their top Business Imperatives ” 1

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See and understand your data with Tableau In 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 201 1 . And 75 times the number of informa- tion sources IDC 2011. Within these data are huge opportunities for human advancement. But to turn opportunities into reality people need the power of data at their fingertips. Tableau is building software to deliver exactly that. Tableau is transforming the way people use data to solve problems. They make analyzing data fast and easy beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone. Get insight fast - Tableau is 10-100x faster than existing solutions. Its designed to support how people think. Drag and drop on the canvas. Leverage your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly. Experience an analyt- ics solution built for speed and ease of use. Connect to all your data - Whether it’s in a spreadsheet a SQL database Hadoop or the cloud you can connect to any data anywhere. Access big data with a click. Combine disparate data sources without writing code. Discover what all your data has to say. The more data available the more ways companies discover they can use it. When companies combine historical and real-time data into a single master view they can act in real time with real results: increase sales build loyalty and reduce costs. Only Talend delivers a complete platform to work with the latest real-time technologies including Apache Spark Flume Kafka Amazon Kinesis and Active MQ. Meet cutting edge data challenges with a modern data architecture. 2

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Explore and discover - How many opportunities are hiding in your data Tableau Desktop is a product that everyone can use to ask new questions spot trends identify opportunities and make data-guided decisions with confidence. Tell powerful stories - Create interactive presentations. Control the narrative while allowing your audience to explore. Let your data do the talking. Answer deeper questions - Real analytics demands more than a pretty dashboard. Build new calculations from existing data drag in reference lines and forecasts and access statistical summaries. Experiment with trend analyses regressions and correlations. AND MUCH MORE…… “Edgematics team has helped us bring this cultural change within our group”. “Being able to transform data into actionable insights has now enabled us to move from opinion-based decisions to data-driven decisions”. Skip the hype and extract value from Big Data with HP Vertica HP Vertica Analytics Platform: No Limits No Compromises Today organizations need to analyze massive volumes of data — structured semi-structured and unstruc- tured — at unprecedented speed and with a more advanced analytics approach. Conceived by legendary data- base guru Michael Stonebraker the HP Vertica Analytics Platform was purpose built from the first line of code for Big Data Analytics. Why Because it was clear that data warehouses and “business-as-usual” prac- tices were limiting technologies causing businesses to make painful compromises. “We were impressed by how easy Tableau tools are to use and how quickly Edgematics team were able to be implement the solution. Our team was able to create dashboards and calculations within hours of implementation and since then we’ve found that we are able to work much faster and make significant savings in terms of time and money as well”. 3

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Providing The Fastest Connection Between Decision Makers And Oracle E-Business Suite Data with Noetix Magnitude Software has family of brands includes award-winning solutions in business intelligence data ware- housing and master data management. For the past 20 years Noetix has simplified access to Oracle E-Business Suite data by providing operational reporting and packaged analytics solutions for improved enter- prise decision-making. 4

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Our Implementation Approach Noetix significantly reduces the time and effort required to put information into the hands of decision makers across an organization. Whether you need simplified data access for a single application or a complete enter- prise reporting and analysis solution our products speed your implementation and maximize your investment in Oracle Applications. Noetix delivers the expertise and award-winning business intelligence products that accelerate access to operational and historical data speeding BI deployments and allowing business professionals to easily create modify and publish ad hoc reports without IT assistance. Edgematics has a multi-phase iterative approach to the DW and BI project implementations. This will allow our customers to achieve incremental milestone with quick wins for business. We propose agile development methodology in each sprint/phase of the project. The overall project will be designed in a way to support continuous incremental improvements in each phase. At the end of each phase we will have a released version deliverable to fulfill the above business goals. “Edgematics is a top-notch consulting partner in the Data management domain. Their brand reputa- tion comes from delivering results and they have demonstrated excellent result in our engagement with them. The Edgematics partnership is a cornerstone of our enterprise Data warehousing strategy”. “Our goal with deploying Tableau is a cultural change around data where people are able to easily get to the data quickly ask advanced questions explore tell stories and derive insights” 5

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Strategic Partnerships Edgematics offers its customers a combination of high quality experienced resources with strong hands-on and in-depth competencies in various Data Management technology Toolsets. These Certified Professionals follow a sound and well-tested methodology to ensure excellence at every stage of the project as well as closing the gap between deliverables and customer expectations in minimum effort and time. Our resources are especially skilled with large size data and complex data modeling experience combined with detailed documentation and knowledge transfer skills which allows the customer to build its own compe- tencies for continued development.Edgematics education services help develop greater employee productiv- ity at every user level of your organization to increase efficiency and accelerate your return on investment. Edgematics has some of the most extensive practical and real experience in implementing software tech- nology platform that supports complex extraction transformation and loading of the data from ANY data source to any powerful engine while in parallel ensuring Data Governance Data Quality Master Data Management but also designing the Data Model building the Data Warehouse and provide Busi- ness Intelligence Solutions. Edgematics Advantage “Edgematics is honest ethical and delivers high value services. Their ability to execute projects on-time and their commitment to customer service has earned Edgematics the distinction as one of our trusted business partner”. A Large Telecom Company 6

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