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A set of chic and effective reminder kit for reusable bag designed by Ecozuri Inc. (, a California-based retail and custom-made green product company. 10% of retail sales donate to school projects in rural Africa.


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You love the environment . You want to bring your reusable bags with you everyday. You are not the only one. Survey data indicates that almost 90% of respondents say the primary reason they do not use a reusable bag every time they shop is because they forget. However, you forget …. Therefore, we have …

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Ecozuri Forget-me-not Reminder Kit

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Our jute door bag, made from natural fabric, hangs an elegant reminder at your door It can also be used to store plastic bags for reuse and recycling. Or, as a gift bag for your love one…

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The steering wheel wrap get the eco-conscious message to you, whenever you are going somewhere It can also be wrapped on your shoulder traps your bag handles the handles of your refrigerator, and more….

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With the ecozuri buckles, you can hook our bags to your key chains, your purse, or whatever handy to you It can make the bags unique accessories for your outfits too …

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Best of all, it is free to go with your Ecozuri purchase Included in forget-me-not complete set purchase Included in vibrant 3-in-1 and natural 3-in-1 purchase

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Now, You love the environment. You want to bring your reusable bags with you everyday. And, you always do… with a little help from our reminder kit

Slide 8: “Zuri” means “good and beautiful” in Swahili, a beautiful language spoken in East Africa. Ecozuri, Inc. offers environmentally conscious, habit changing products to help people embrace an more eco-friendly lifestyle. We also contribute up to 10% of our revenue to support education for children living in poverty in rural Africa. “Ecozuri” is a registered trademark of California based Ecozuri Inc. The company promotes Ecozuri line of reusable bags made from 100% recycled plastics and offers green custom-made promotional products OEM services for corporate clients. To learn about Ecozuri’s products and offerings, please visit www. or email

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