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In this document we have discussed how to setup your Amazon echo device. In case you need any assistance you can visit Amazon official page. Or you can visit the provided URL


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Amazon Echo


What is Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo is smart speaker developed by Amazon which support intelligent personal assistance “Alexa” which responds when you call Alexa. User can also change this wake up word to “Amazon”, “Echo” and “Computer”. Alexa works on Amazon API which can perform number of tasks for you like voice interaction, music playback, setting alarm, making to do list, playing audio books, order your grocery, book ride and streaming podcast. These skills keeps on adding each day. Alexa can also provide user with weather condition, traffic and other real time information. Alexa also works with the smart home automation. It can control several smart home devices like smart lights, security camera like Arlo, Nest and devices that supports Amazon Alexa. Amazon first launched Amazon Echo device March 2014 . Amazon has sold approx. 100 million Echo devices till this date. Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


Setting up Amazon Echo Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


Download the Alexa app User of Amazon Echo app can download the Alexa app from the iOS store or android store. This is a must have app for Amazon Echo or Echo dot users. Or simply choose the app store your device supports. Note: Alexa can be downloaded to smartphone or tablet with iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 5.1 or higher, or Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher. Alexa app is also available for the pc. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


Plug in the Echo In order to setup your Echo device use the adapter provided in the box. User have to simply plug the power cord to the bottom of the speaker. The light will turn to white on top of it when the speaker are powered up. After some time the lights will turn to orange colour indicating the speaker are ready to take command from you. Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


Connect the Echo to Wi-Fi In case you want to connect your Echo device to your home Wi-Fi network the latest version of the Echo is going to help you with that. In case you get stuck, open the Alexa app and search through the available networks. Go to the Device tab, then click on the icon of Echo & Alexa in the carousel, and select your Alexa device. Under Wireless heading, you should be able to see the state of the WIFI connection. Once user is connected to the network, they have option to save the WIFI password to Amazon, it will make it easy to connect or setup new smart home device or the new Echo product user will purchase in the future. In case you connect your Echo device to the public network, the password won’t be saved on Amazon. Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


Start using your Echo For getting started, say the wake up word ‘Alexa’ and give it command you like. User can also change this wake up word to ‘Echo’, ‘Amazon’, and ‘Computer’. You will have to simply tell Echo ‘Alexa’ change the wake up word and select the wake up word. Currently Amazon don’t allow user to use custom wake up word. In order to check if your Echo is working fine conduct a simple test, say the wake up word and hello, Alexa will responds by saying Hello in return. Congratulation your Echo is all setup. Use Echo to create to-do list, check weather condition, check traffic and many more. Alexa has thousands of skills you can add them according to your liking. ‘Alexa’ play the music ‘Alexa’ set my alarm ‘Alexa’ book cab for me ‘Alexa’ order table salt ‘Alexa’ turn lights ON Toll free number +1-855-300-2766


About Us We are leading third party technical support provider who works 24 X 7 to provide best technical solution to our customer. Our team consist of certified technician who are well trained, skilled and experienced. We also provide technical support for smart home devices, printers, streaming devices and antivirus software. In case you are unable to setup your device or Find it difficult you can reach us any time on our official website or call our toll free number. ‘Alexa’ play Maroon 5 ‘Alexa’ set my alarm ‘Alexa’ read text by Alan ‘Alexa’ will it rain today ‘Alexa’ announce dinner is ready Toll free number +1-855-300-2766 ‘Alexa’ call K yle

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