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Introductions Ron Nagle – Custodial Programs Manager Connie Brumgard – Area Services Supervisor Eileen Long – Supervisor, Custodial Services Roger Dunlap – Supervisor, Custodial Services 0


0 Updates What’s NEW Time Standards Team Cleaning Process Savings ANGEL


0 New job ??


0 ANGEL Course Management System Ron Nagle

What’s New ?: 

0 What’s New ? Recreation Hall Addition

What’s New ?: 

0 What’s New ? Recreation Hall Wrestling

What’s New ?: 

0 What’s New ? 63,000 sq ft Student Health Center

What’s New ?: 

0 What’s New ? 113,000 sq ft


0 X


0 Time Standards Connie Brumgard

Time Standards: 

Time Standards Identified large differences in current standards vs. ISSA / Industry Compared times to determine potential savings Will re-invest into the organization



Time Standards: 

Time Standards 0 24 total FTE 3 FTE giveback (budget restraints) 3 New Custodial Supervisors 2 GPC Hardfloor Team 2 District 11 14 Relief & Extra

Team Cleaning : 

Team Cleaning 0 Eileen Long

Team Cleaning: 

Team Cleaning 1st team started Sep 8th 2003 Original Team Members Still Together 0

Team Cleaning: 

Team Cleaning 20 Buildings currently Team Cleaned 1st 2nd and 3rd shifts 80 employees ( 21.5 % of workforce) Added 2 Facilities and 8 employees since last year 0

Team Cleaning: 

New Facilities Implemented Bennett Family Center Research East Team Cleaning 0

Team Cleaning: 

Team Cleaning 0 Team Effectiveness Workshop – Initial Training Performed by HRDC (Human Resource Devel Cntr) 20 Team Cleaning Custodial Employees Will be offered to all employees

Team Cleaning: 

Team Cleaning 0 Team Effectiveness Workshop GOALS Recognize what makes a team effective Understand roles in teams Develop realistic expectations for working teams Identify sources of conflict How to manage conflict Develop action plans for working as a team

Team Cleaning: 

Team Cleaning 0 Team Dynamics Complaints are personnel related Conflict between employees NO Team Cleaning Procedural Complaints

Process Savings: 

Process Savings 0 Roger Dunlap

Foaming Soap : 

0 Foaming Soap Installed April 2006 3,200 dispensers $30k initial startup cost for soap Free print on dispensers Free backplates where needed


0 $24,500 savings over 16 Months

Flat Finishing Mop: 

0 Flat Finishing Mop Decreased application time Decreased cleanup time Decreased product use Decreased employee effort / Increased Safety Employees love the system Still determining actual cost savings


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