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The Employment Voucher Management System (EVMS) was created to maintain quality and cost effective programs for Supported Employment Vendors in New Jersey. The EVMS complies with the billing requirements to process Supported Employment Vouchers from the NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). It allows you to record interventions, prepare Service Logs, Activity and Follow-Along Reports, track vouchers and billable hours, generate demographics reports and other quality data.


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Thea Strong, Director of Employment ServicesArc of Monmouth : 

Thea Strong, Director of Employment ServicesArc of Monmouth “Since January 2007, The Arc of Monmouth’s Department of Employment Services has been using the Employment Services Management System (EVMS) Database of Alternatives Inc. After the initial apprehension usually associated with change, and with the support and training conducted by Alternatives, our staff soon realized the benefits of this Database. It has significantly reduced the time of tracking the billable hours, enhanced the accuracy and consistent production of the required documentation and reports. Furthermore it has facilitated the Department’s ability to monitor progress and complete statistics and internal reports”.

Daniel LaiferAPL & Associates, LLC : 

Daniel LaiferAPL & Associates, LLC “We have been using the EVMS system for almost a year and we believe it has been a vital asset as our agency grows.  With a few clicks of a mouse, and from any Internet connection, EVMS has allowed us to view important and timely information on all of our clients.  EVMS also allows our job coaches to efficiently input their time and allows them to easily track progress on their clients.  Our job coaches also report that completing reports has never been easier, and they actually don't complain any more about doing reports.  The reporting functions provided by the EVMS also allows us, as an agency, to monitor our progress effectively”.

Mark StephensonEmployment Horizons : 

Mark StephensonEmployment Horizons “EVMS has been a great time saver. The ability to enter data once and import it into individual and aggregate reports required by funders has eliminated many redundancies. The system is easy to learn and teach to co-workers”.

Lisa MontalbanoEmployment Horizons : 

Lisa MontalbanoEmployment Horizons “EVMS has been a time saver for our Placement Staff. Because it inputs data from one form to other necessary forms, those who use it are free from entering data multiple times. We also appreciate it's capabilities for time keeping of billable hours which alerts the user when they are coming close to the end of a voucher”.

Closing Remarks / Bottom Line : 

Closing Remarks / Bottom Line As you can see, the Employment Voucher Management System (EVMS) reduces the administrative burden with processing your DVRS vouchers. It increases efficiency and satisfaction amongst your employees and frees up time for Management to concentrate on providing quality services, which translates into increased revenues for your organization, and ultimately, greater customer satisfaction.

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Thank you for considering Alternatives’ Employment Voucher Management System (EVMS) for your Supported Employment Services Operation! For more information or to obtain a FREE TRIAL VERSION or a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of the software please contact Jorge Diaz or Glori Bine-Callagy at (908) 685-1444 or via Email at: jorge.diaz@alternativesinc.org or gbine@alternativesinc.org Alternatives, Inc. Dignity Through Independence

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