6 Stages of Data Processing - Data Processing Services Guide


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Data processing has a crucial role to play in the decision-making process. This is because every organization needs to have access to valuable information, so they can have a competitive edge and insights into the market.


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This is the process of gathering and measuring the informaton based on the given requirement. Data collecton is very crucial as the quality of data/input determines the quality of output. Preparaton is about constructng a dataset by sortng and filtering from one or more data sources. This dataset is used for further exploraton and processing. It is the task where verified data is coded or converted into machine-readable form so that it can be processed through a computer. This is the step where data is processed by mechanical or automated means. The processed data is one who gives informaton to the user and can be put to use. Last stage in the data processing cycle where data instructon and informaton are held for future use allowing it to be passed on to the next stage directly when needed. This is the stage where processed informaton is now transmited to the user and is interpreted so that it can provide meaningful informaton that will guide future decisions of the company. www.edatamine.com

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