Creating a Wedding Website That’ll Get Your Guests Excited


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However narcissistic people might call or consider them, but wedding websites have become one of the fastest growing trends in wedding planning today. Here are some handy tips for creating an amazing wedding website.


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Creating a Wedding Website That’ll Get Your Guests Excited A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly. The difference between an ordinary welcome and an extraordinary one is just that little “extra”. Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event. Isn’t it And therefore once-in-a-lifetime event should at least wow your special guests if not everyone. Let us see some of the reasons why wedding websites are becoming popular these days:  They let you effectively manage your guests list and connect with them.  They save a considerable amount of time and money.  With wedding websites you can create an extensive well-organized photo and video gallery.  They give you a platform where you can update any last minute changes in your plans.  With a wedding website you can set expectations for the wedding and add all those details that have not or cannot be communicated anywhere else.  They let you manage your RSVPs and registry information  They can be personalized with your specific wedding color themes photos forums etc.  They save the trouble of phone calls to you or your family member asking for details about your big day.  Probably one of the biggest reasons: they let you celebrate your love. So you see However narcissistic people might call or consider them but wedding websites have become one of the fastest growing trends in wedding planning today. Here are some handy tips for creating an amazing wedding website:

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 Have an easy-to-remember URL for your wedding website. Try to secure a domain name that has both your names i.e you and your partner so as to make it memorable and special for you both and also for your families. Do not forget to keep it short though.  Display a short sweet and eye-catching welcome message to warmly greet your guests. You can make your visitors feel truly welcome by displaying a friendly message in an enticing way guiding them through your site and placing strong CTAs to make sure they know what to do.  Have an about us section on your site with which your can take a trip down memory lane with your partner. You can put a story on how you met along with your proposal story etc. Give your guests some insight into your journey.  For the photo album section on your wedding website make sure you use high quality images videos and other visuals. Amateur photography cannot do justice to any wedding event. Properly organize your album by making different categories for different functions etc so that your relatives close friends and all other guests would have an easy access to the photographs. Imagine your guests frequently messaging or calling you right after your big day for those much anticipated photographs. You surely don’t want that right  A professional web development agency will help keep the design of your website consistent. And also make it personalized so that it looks as unique as you are. If possible create a wedding logo as it will unify your website. Personalize your website as much as you would like to personalize your wedding. Got an idea Choose a design layout that falls in line with your overall design plan. Your wedding website should reflect your wedding’s theme and palette by its very nature.  Don’t write a novel while writing your website content. Keep your emotions in control and try to skip the nitty-gritty details while only highlighting the main things and important milestones in your journey. Give a quick overview of both of you by cutting the long story short. Some essential features and details that you should essentially include in your wedding website:

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 Include information about all your wedding related events that your guests must know about whether you’re hosting a night party or a post-wedding brunch or any other extra events that your guests may want to attend put all detailed information in order to avoid confusion.  Include the venue details including transportation information time and date of your special day.  Integrate Google maps into your website in order to help your visitors have easy access to your location details.  Include an RSVP section on your website to save your guests the trouble of returning RSVP cards. Establish an email address solely for RSVPs and check it regularly so you can update who is and who is not attending your wedding.  Include a list of various participants that are going to attend your wedding. Have a brief story about each bridal party member’s relationship to the bride and/or groom. With this you can give a clear idea to your visitors about how much each person in the party means to you and what relationship they have with you.  Also include your accommodation arrangements on your site. If you have arranged for hotel rooms for you out-of-town wedding guests include this information on your site so that they can receive timely lodging.  Communicate the expected dress code to give your guests a rough idea of what to wear. E2logy Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad Gujarat

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