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Everyone is trying to be on #Google's first page, but not everyone gets the desired #ranking. If you are working with these #secrets, you will surely reach the first position. This presentation will help you in #improving your #website's ranking.


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5 SEO Secrets You Must Know In 2019 Today We Will Study About Title Tags Target Audience Competitors Analysis Heading Management Log Tail Keyword Is The Key Let's Study Briefly all the Secrets and Boost Our Ranking


1. Title Tags Every page of your website must have title tags of under 55 character. The title tag tells the search engine about what type of content your website has. Better the keyword selection, higher are the chances of your website appearing in the top of searches.


2. Target Audience Your content creation and URLs should be according to the customers and should not be based on random visitors. The search engine gives priority to the website that contains the most relevant information related to the user’s searches.


3. Competitors Analysis This one is old yet effective ways to beat your competitors in search results. Keep an eye at your competitors and critically analyse what they are doing. Doing so will give you an idea of their best keyword and their weakness field as well. Three main areas where you should analyse more: Backlink On page Messaging


4. Heading Management Heading Tag is overview of your whole body content. H1 tag is not only the piece of content, but it sets an expectation of the content that follows. It must include a keyword relevant to your website and should be catchy, so user exited to read the complete information. SEO HEADING


5. Long Tail Keyword Is The Key According to a recent study, 70% of all the search traffic comes from a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords have better chances of conversion as compared to the short ones. This method is highly effective when you are selling high priced product and services. LONG TAIL KEYWORD


Well, these are some of the best SEO secrets which we have brought to you in today’s topic. You have to understand those points and take the benefit from it. Besides from SEO Secrets, we generally provides overall digital marketing service to the consumer for better search engine ranking. Some of our professional services are as follow: Website Design Website Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Content Marketing Pay Per Click ORIGINAL SOURCE


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