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Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd is located in Lianyungang chemical industrial park, Jiangsu, China and covering about 67,000 centiares, which is one of the world top three synthetic high temperature heat transfer fluid manufacturers and is also a highly vertically integrated company. Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology specializes in developing, producing and selling SCHULTZ® series of synthetic high temperature heat transfer fluids and DYNOVA® series of functional chemicals. http://www.dynovacn.com/


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About us Zhongneng develops strategic cooperation with famous universities and national chemical research institutes to guarantee product research and development levels. Zhongneng also builds research center and professional teams in Shanghai to develop the vertical integration research of products, which has gained several national patents of inventions . 

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one of the three global top manufacturers of heat transfer fluids and biphenyl products.

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Heat Transfer Fluids Chemical Industry :- SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids are widely used in manufacturing and processing in chemical industry, including making farm chemicals, coating, dying and fluorine chemicals, organic silicones, polycrystalline silicones and daily chemicals, providing good production conditions for chemical synthesis, polymerization, condensation, distillation and drying, purification, fusion and extraction. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=4

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Chemical Fiber and Polyester : - Heat transfer fluids play a crucial role in making chemical fiber and polyester products. Processes such as polymerization, melting, extension and drying during synthesizing PET, PU, PA6 and PA all require high temperatures. Except for providing stable and accurate heat, fluids used in these processes shall also meet the strict safety demands. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=1

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Coal Industry :- Processes in reaction units, distillation and rectification devices have extremely high requirements for temperature. SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids, with properties of low pressure, high thermal efficiency, stable heat supply and wide range of temperature controls, completely satisfy the strict demands. Meanwhile, the waste heat can be recycled to save energy, reduce pollution and production cost. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=5

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Oil and Natural Gas :- Heat transfer fluids have become more and more popular in processing oil and gas according to the properties of accurate temperature control and high temperature with low pressure. Our SCHULTZ® fluids can satisfy multiple heat users of different temperature requirements at the same time. Featuring simpler systems, less floor area, smaller investment, energy-saving and environment friendly operation, heat transfer fluid heating system has been wildly used in the petroleum processing industry. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=2

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Pharmaceutical Industry :- As an indirect heat transfer medium, the greatest advantage of heat transfer fluid is the accurate temperature control in production process, which effectively helps improve the control and refinement of pharmaceutical products. With the excellent temperature control performance and good safety property, SCHULTZ® fluids provide long-lasting service in pharmaceutical industry. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=6

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CSP :- As a heat transfer and storage medium in CSP field, heat transfer fluid has been widely used in parabolic trough solar power system to implement the super long stable power generation. SCHULTZ® fluids are also used in industrial heat supply by absorbing the solar power and directly heating thermal consumers. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=3

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Machining :- Heat transfer fluids are used in electroplating processing equipment, heat treatment equipment, spray drying, rolling machines, baking processes, and molten casting. With properties of relatively high temperature and accurate temperature control, SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids provide excellent temperature control in the machining and casting processes. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=7

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Plastic and Rubber Processing :- Plastic and rubber processing requires strict operating conditions, especially the accurate temperature control and well-distributed heat supply, which can effectively improve the precision and performance of the product during its modeling stages. SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids are used in rubber and plastic production applications such as hot-pressing machines, extrusion machines, vulcanizing machines, rubber and plastic production machinery, and injection molding machines. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=9

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Food Processing :- Heat transfer fluids are widely used in several steps of food processing, such as baking cake and biscuit, stewing and frying meat, purifying edible oil and packing food. Based on the long service life and high heat transfer efficiency, SCHULTZ® fluids provide excellent service to food processing, effectively reducing production costs and increasing production safety. http://www.dynovacn.com/page.aspx?node=36&id=12

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Contact us :- Factory ADD: Chemical Industrial Park, Guannan County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China  Tel :+86-518-83866808  (CHINA)                 Fax:+86-518-83866556  (CHINA)                 Canadian office ADD: 1699 Matthews Ave, Vancouver BC, V6J2T3, Canada  Tel:+1-778-383-2793  (CANADA)  Fax:+1-604-738-5988  (CANADA)     JIANGSU ZHONGNENG CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. JIANGSU ZHONGNENG CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. FOR MORE INFO VISI US HERE : http://www.dynovacn.com

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