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Features of Microsoft Office 365 We all know that Microsoft office 365 is such awesome software that has been serving us since years. But are you aware of some hidden features of this Some hidden features of online Microsoft office 365 everyone wants to know: 1. No more emailing attachments: Multiple people can edit the same document at once. Now you are free from more attachments. You can see the changes as they make them and who is doing the editing. 2. Skype with co-workers while working on a document: Microsoft launches new features Skype. You can start face to face conversation while you are working with everyone working in the document over Skype. 3. Link to files dont attach them: This is a unique feature of Office 365.Upload your file to Office 365s cloud storage. It allows you to share documents via links. 4. Use two Microsoft cloud storage accounts on your Android phone: Microsoft created one drive app for android. It can be used for business and personal use as well. 5. Notes change into calendar items: You can automatically add calendar meeting details like date location topic agenda and attendees to your notes. 6. Let Bing automatically find images for your presentations: Bing will read your presentation and suggest images based on the words you are using. 7. Convert scribbles to text and drawings: You subscribe text and drawing with the lasso tool. 8. Teach your inbox to de-clutter itself: Microsoft is trying to offer learning technology. You can use by marketing messages as clutter. Now it is automatically moves less important messages into the "Clutter" folder for you to read or delete later. 9. The Ignore annoying reply-all conversations: When you buy online Microsoftoffice 365 you can stop seeing annoying massage. It also provides mute button and this is called ignore button. 10. Add a signature to an email: Microsoft office 365 provide us free electronic signature app. You can use digital signatures and emailing a document.

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11. Turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer: In older version there is not any laser pointer but now you can use leaser pointer. If you hold your finger or stylus down on the iPod the red button fake laser pointer will appear. 12. Excel charts graphs and pivot tables made easy: Now it is very easy to make chart tables graphs .Microsoft has launched an application for collected all the ways you can format your data with the help of an application. That is called "Quick Analysis." 13. Let Excel reformat your data: you can reformat Excel data with the help of "flash fill" what you are doing and does the rest of it for you 14. Edit a PDF file: In older version it is not easy to change PDF file in to word files but now with the help of Microsoft office 365 it is very easy to change. Just open it and respond "OK" when it asks you if you to convert the PDF.

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