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Welcome to the Opportunity Webinar Presented By: TEAM SAME PAGE

Are you sick and tired of being“sick and tired”? : 

Overworked & Underpaid? Living “Check to Check”? Financially stable, but no FREE time for yourself? Feel like your life is running on a treadmill? Ready to make a change? Are you sick and tired of being“sick and tired”?

Serious Wake Up Call!!! : 

Serious Wake Up Call!!!

$500 Billion Wellness Explosion!!! : 

$500 Billion Wellness Explosion!!!

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Welcome to the world of GBG A world of health and wellness! A world of superb business opportunities! GBG is a privately held company located in Vacaville, CA. GBG was founded in 1996 by Stuart & Steve Finger. Both “brothers” are successful self-made millionaires! Mr. Stuart Finger has paved the way for future network marketers by designing and copyrighting a pay plan that is unparalleled in the industry. GBG offers an exclusive and simple product line designed for superior health. All GBG products are formulated with advanced science.

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Simple but powerful product line! With Amalaki

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It’s a MULTI-VITAMIN & MINERAL With Essential Daily Value Nutrients! It’s a CARDIOVASCULAR FORMULA For a Healthy Heart! It’s a STRESS FORMULA For Today’s Hectic Lifestyles! It’s a SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT With Age-Defying Nutrients! It’s an IMMUNE ENHANCER To Defend Your Body at the Cellular Level! With Amalaki

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It’s an ENERGIZER All Natural – No Harsh Stimulants! It’s a MEMORY & MOOD ENHANCER With Proven “Feel Good” Neuro-Nutrients! It’s a DIGESTION AID With Pure Aloe Oil! It’s a VISION SUPPORT FORMULA With the Powerful Benefits of Lutein & More! It’s a BONE & JOINT FORMULA With Sulfur-Rich MSM! With Amalaki

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The Importance Of An “ORAC” Rating ORAC is an acronym that stands for ‘Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.' Berries have some of the highest ORAC values of fruits. With Amalaki

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What’s Not In 10-In-One Zero Calories Zero Sugar Zero Carbs With Amalaki

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10X More Ingredients! 10X Faster Absorption! 10X Less than other products! For the unbeatable price of ONLY *$19.95* Regularly $59.95, $40 savings On Monthly Auto-Ship AND a FREE GBG Business!! With Amalaki

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GBG’s Business And Pay Plan Overview **EARNINGS DISCLAIMER** The earnings examples set forth are hypothetical examples that are intended to explain the components and operation of the GBG Compensation Plan. These hypothetical examples are not representative of the income, if any, that a GBG IR can or will earn through their participation in the GBG Compensation Plan…Therefore, examples in this presentation are not to be interpreted as a guarantee or promise of earnings potential.

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"FREE" Business Opportunity *To receive FREE business you must be on monthly auto-ship Auto-Ship is $19.95 plus $9.89 shipping – Only $29.84 FREE Business Website! FREE Back Office Tracking!

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Compensation Plan 2 x 10 “Regenerating” Forced Matrix YOU 50 % * Max payout per matrix if everyone just does one bottle = $2,806.00

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Max payout per matrix if everyone purchases all three products = $16,837.20/monthly

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Compensation Plan 2 x 10 “Regenerating” Forced Matrix The Power of Pay Points Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

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Compensation Plan Car & Mortgage Bonus Get Paid For The Work That You Do Now! You receive a $5.00 C.M.B. for each bottle of 10-In-One your customer purchases.

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Company and Team Support Weekly Opportunity Conference Calls Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays @ 9 pm EST GBG Members Services – 707.453.4650 (12 noon – 8 pm) ** Eastern Standard Time Thursdays & Saturdays @ 9 pm EST 507.726.3300 pin 59032# Weekly Training Calls Weekly Opportunity & Training Webinars Sundays @ 9 pm EST, Mondays & Tuesdays @ 10 pm EST Thursdays @ 10:30 pm EST & “On The Spot WKOMs”

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GBG Soft Launch Meeting!! Atlanta, GA Saturday, August 2nd 2008 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Join GBG Founder and CEO: Stuart Finger with “Uncle” Lee Finger, Michael Kahn and Special Guest David D’Arcangelo at The Renaissance Waverly Hotel 2450 Galleria Parkway Atlanta, GA 30339 Toll Free – 888.391.8724 $10 for reps, guest are FREE!

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Decide Today! Are you In or Out? What do you have to lose? FREE Business Opportunity! Only $19.95 a month for 10-In-One! You pay only for what you use! No group volume requirements! No large volume orders! No titles or positions! No overpriced products! Enroll your “Blessed 6”, product & shipping is covered! Enroll 4, potentially earn over $100K annually! 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!

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Your Next Step! Get with the person that invited you to the webinar and go to their personal GBG website. Go to “ORDER NOW”, then “Option A” to complete the 5 step sign up process to get your product or products and FREE business right now!! If you need a little bit more information to get started, go to the person’s website that invited you and watch the product and compensation videos. And remember there’s NO RISK!! You have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee on all the products!!!

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Thank you from

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