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6th Grade World Geography: 

6th Grade World Geography The Five Themes of Geography

What is Geography?: 

What is Geography? Geography is much more than just pointing to a place on a map or remembering all 50 state capitals. Geography is the study of the earth and the way people live on it and use it.

What is Geography? (continued): 

What is Geography? (continued) When you wonder why kangaroos don’t live in North America, you’re asking a geography question. When you ask for directions, you want a geography answer. When you describe a place you’ve visited, you’re giving a geography talk.

What is Geography? (continued): 

What is Geography? (continued) When you debate whether a garbage dump should be located in your town, you’re discussing a geography problem. When you move to a new place, you’re setting off on a geography adventure.

What is Geography? (continued): 

What is Geography? (continued) If we know geography, we can make better sense of our world. To study geography, we use five important ideas, or themes. They are location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction.

What is Geography? (continued): 

What is Geography? (continued) These five themes can help us understand more about our own continent, North America. Read about each theme. Then discuss the questions that go with the definitions. As you do this, you’ll be using the five themes of geography as tools of discovery.

What are the five themes of Geography?: 

What are the five themes of Geography?


Location 1. Location- where people and places are on Earth’s surface. It can be described as absolute location (latitude and longitude) or relative location (direction and/or miles from a specific point).

Location (continued): 

Location (continued) Where in North America do you live? In how many ways can you describe the location of your town?


2. Place- somewhere that can be described by its sights, sounds, and smells and by the things that happen there; its physical and human characteristics. Place

Place (continued): 

Place (continued) How would you describe the following places: your bedroom a park your city How might you describe Washington, DC without mentioning any buildings.


Regions 3. Region- an area that is the same way throughout and different from other areas.

Region (continued): 

Region (continued) How does the southwestern desert region of the United States differ from the polar region of Canada? How might people in the San Andreas Fault region prepare for earthquakes?


Movement 4. Movement- how people, products, information, and ideas move from place to place and what happens as a result.

Movement (continued): 

Movement (continued) If you take a vacation trip to the Bahamas, how are helping the people who live there? If ships could not use the Panama Canal, how could they travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?

Human-Environment Interaction: 

Human-Environment Interaction 5. Human-Environment Interaction- how people change the environment or change their ways of living to fit their environment.

Human-Environment Interaction: 

Human-Environment Interaction Why might houses in Alaska be different than houses in Florida? Why might people living along a river object to a dam being built?

Use the five themes of geography to answer the following questions:: 

Use the five themes of geography to answer the following questions: 1. If you described the means of transportation available to and from school, what theme would you be using? 2. Why might two places be identified as part of the same region? 3. What sports are examples of human-environment interaction? 4. Which theme would you be using if you wrote a letter describing your town?

Now to practice what you have learned!!: 

Now to practice what you have learned!! You will need a sheet of notebook paper and something to write with!

The Five Themes of Floresville’s Geography: 

The Five Themes of Floresville’s Geography Location- give the absolute location (approximate latitude and longitude) of Floresville (you might want to use an atlas) or give the relative location of Floresville in reference to San Antonio. Place- describe Floresville by sights, sounds and smells and by the things that happen here. Region- list some of the land characteristics. Movement- name some of the products we make or grow to sell to other communities. Human-Environment Interactions- tell how we change our ways of living to fit our environment.

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